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Dream Vans of New Zealand

As you probably know by now, I am slightly obsessed with vans. No sports car for me, my dream vehicle is a van. (more…)

It’s not too late to plant a fall garden

There’s nothing quite like pulling fresh fruits and veggies from your garden to eat for dinner. Most of our food comes from hundreds of miles away and the taste suffers.


Lustworthy vans of Europe

While in Vienna, Austria, I couldn’t help but notice all the amazing European vans so I decided to make a photo collection of the lustworthy vans I saw on my trip.

Why don’t we have these cool vans in the US?


I like the blue stripe and the gear rack on this one.


Simple, sleek and aerodynamic with lots of room for cargo and sleeping.


Interesting design, big windows – looks modern and futuristic.


My dream van!!! A Volkswagen Westfalia California Coach!


I absolutely adore the color of this one and the triangles!



And not a van but a Smartcar. These are gaining popularity in the US but they are so cute and gas efficient.



And finally, a funny sign on the streets of downtown Vienna.

Knitting It Old School

I was so excited to get this in the mail!

Knitting It Old School

When I was in L.A., I had the wonderful opportunity to do a photo shoot for this. Authors Stitchy McYarnPants and Caro Sheridan bring 43 knitting and crochet patterns from the ‘40s, ‘50s, ‘60s and ‘70s up to date utilizing contemporary fibers (because Polyester and Acrylic have had their day) and updated designs to flatter today’s figure. There are cheeky hot pants and his-and-hers sweater sets. Even if you aren’t a knitter, this book is a must have for the photography and fashion alone!

I am so delighted to be a part of this especially as a hat designer, crocheter, and overall DIYer.

Here’s a sneak peak inside:

Lady Speedway Vroom!


Knitting It Old School

To see the rest, order the book on Knitting It Old School.

Follow the authors on their websites:

Stitchy McYarnpants

Caro Sheridan –

This book would make a great birthday present, Christmas present or anytime present (I really love surprise presents for no reason at all – they are almost better than when you are expecting a present).

While I’m on a knitting rant, check out this video made by Salt Lake based video producer Leyda Cordova featuring Warren MacNeil, a talented, male knitter:

Happy knitting everyone!

DIY of the day: Indoor Succulent Planters

My outdoor succulents have been thriving all summer – now they are to the point of crowding each other and growing out of control. Since succulents regenerate, I decided to trim some of them and plant them for an indoor succulent garden.


I found these beautiful vases for $2.50 at my local thrift store (for all you Salt Laker’s out there – I recommend Thrift Town and Savers).

IMG_1810 IMG_1811

Succulents prefer well-drained soil so if you are using an unconventional planter like this, make sure you put a layer of gravel on the bottom. Then, go ahead and put a layer of dirt. It doesn’t need to be a very deep layer since succulents have shallow roots.IMG_1812

If you are trimming from another plant, be sure to give the cut time to heal before you plant it. After a few hours, you will see a little scab form over the cut. Then you can go ahead and place it in the dirt.

The best thing about succulents is that they are extremely drought tolerant so you can go for a week or two without watering! They are perfect for a busy person who wants to travel yet still wants beautiful, green plants in the house.

Here’s another great idea – a vertical, succulent wall garden:




Check out Flora Grubb Gardens for more info on this installation.

Let me know how your garden is doing or if you know of any other cool plants that are drought tolerant for Utah or Southern California!