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Hot Planet/Cool Athlete School Assembly for Protect Our Winters

Last week, I went to high school. I always get a little bit nervous when I have to talk to a group of middle and high-school aged students because I was such an awkward teenager. (more…)

Lustworthy vans of Europe

While in Vienna, Austria, I couldn’t help but notice all the amazing European vans so I decided to make a photo collection of the lustworthy vans I saw on my trip.

Why don’t we have these cool vans in the US?


I like the blue stripe and the gear rack on this one.


Simple, sleek and aerodynamic with lots of room for cargo and sleeping.


Interesting design, big windows – looks modern and futuristic.


My dream van!!! A Volkswagen Westfalia California Coach!


I absolutely adore the color of this one and the triangles!



And not a van but a Smartcar. These are gaining popularity in the US but they are so cute and gas efficient.



And finally, a funny sign on the streets of downtown Vienna.

Clean Energy Campaign


Photo by Alexa Miller

“What happens to renewable energy when the sun isn’t shining and the wind isn’t blowing?”

This question is key to helping transform Utah’s energy policy from one that is based on fossil fuels to one that is clean and sustainable.
I want to introduce you to a very important project that is answering this question for the state of Utah. It’s called the eUtah Renewable Energy Project ( It is assessing the feasibility of generating all of Utah’s electricity from renewable sources by 2050.
The non-profit HEAL Utah is behind this clean energy campaign and I’m helping spread the word and raise funds to support this critical work.Please consider supporting these efforts. Check out my fundraiser page here.

Thank you very much!

My Solution to the Economic Crisis

It would also solve other impending crises, such as health care and housing crises.

What if we actually paid people what they brought to an employer or a business?  What if we implemented paying people based on comparable worth, where the value of a person’s job (and their wage rate) would be determined by an evaluation of that job’s economic value to a firm?  For instance, what if we paid sweatshop laborers in China a legitimate proportion of the retail cost of the item?  Corporations have all of this information.  But instead of benefiting the workers, corporations are more inclined to benefit their shareholders and CEOs by maximizing profit at the expense of people who actually make and sell all the STUFF they tell us we want.

The labor force is made up of people, it’s not the raw, natural material like cotton or oil used in the production process.  Labor should not be treated as such.  People are not there to exploit.  If we start by paying people proportionately, they would be able to buy food and housing, health care, and all the other necessities of life.

Jane Elliot’s "A Class Divided"

In my Labor Economics class this morning, we watched this video. It’s chilling and touching at the same time.