I want to see more coverage of women’s cycling. Despite the gains for women in some areas of society, there is a massive disparity in women’s pay in sports. One sport where there is a particular lack of opportunity and coverage for women is in cycling.⁣⁣The average budget for a UCI men’s World Tour cycling team is $16 million. The average for a women’s team is $200,000. Over half of pro women riders have to work a second job. While bikes exist in my small size, they are difficult to find. A high-end road bike in my size is made in such limited quantities, I have to special order them.⁣⁣Today is the start of the @coloradoclassicpro, the only women’s standalone pro cycling race in the Western hemisphere, and one of the most important women’s races in the world. Want to see more coverage of women’s cycling? Support this race by tuning in to their livestream or signing the “We Ride” pledge via the link below or in my profile:⁣⁣https://www.coloradoclassic.com/pledge⁣⁣Together, #weride. Photos: @isaacmphoto #climbforequality #triforequality

⁣Action alert! Comments needed now through August 26! Speak up to protect our voice in the management of public lands. Right now, the @u.s.forestservice is considering some devastating changes to how it implements the National Environmental Policy Act or NEPA. The agency is proposing to create loopholes that would fast-track logging, road building, and other development on public lands and eliminate public participation on the vast majority of Forest Service projects.⁣⁣NEPA’s been around since the 1970s to add to the transparency in decisions made by governmental agencies. It gives the public a voice. It requires agencies like the Forest Service to alert the public and evaluate the potential impacts on environment, recreation and more when considering whether to approve a project or make changes in how public lands are managed.⁣⁣Due to budget and staffing cuts, staff turnover and inconsistencies in how NEPA is utilized, the Forest Service is not the most efficient when undertaking a NEPA analysis. Instead of solving these inefficiencies, the agency is proposing to gut NEPA, which would fast-track industrial and extractive development. Now is your time to weigh in so the public isn’t kept in the dark on 98% of Forest Service projects. The Forest Service is accepting public comments on these proposed revisions until August 26. Thank you @winterwildlandsalliance for putting this information together and making it very easy for people to comment.⁣⁣Check out the link below or in my profile to make your voice heard and keep transparency in decisions made about public lands.⁣⁣https://winterwildlands.org/USFS-NEPA-Revisions#keepwinterwild @wasatchbackcountryalliance

Soaking in the last few days of summer. Sometimes we do enjoy going to the beach! ⁣⁣This summer has been a little different for me as my goal has been rehabbing my knee, not training for an ultramarathon, ultra bike ride, or progressing as an alpine climber. While there are times I feel tings of jealousy seeing other people accomplish their goals, it’s been nice to have a little break from structured, outdoor training. ⁣⁣With this injury, I’ve been focused on gratitude for everything I do have and maintaining a really positive attitude. I won’t lie, I’ve had to “mute” a few of my friends on Instagram so I don’t feel too much FOMO. Right now, that’s part of taking care of myself. And it doesn’t diminish how much I love those people or appreciate what they do. ⁣⁣This summer has been good reminder that there is beauty in every moment outside, and to soak it all in! @keen #keenambassador ⁣⁣Photo: Scottish sunset vibes captured by @rob.lea ⁣⁣

“Close your eyes and visualize someone you love so much or a moment where you felt the most joy.”⁣⁣@kpspeaks_ led us in an exercise where we were asked to do just that in my public speaking class last week. When I closed my eyes, I saw my partner, @rob.lea, on our wedding day. I saw my friends and family all around me.⁣⁣A few days later, I got our wedding video trailer back from @whitelocketfilms. And it was everything I saw in that moment of visualization. I’m so excited to share a little slice of our wedding day with you. May it serve as a reminder to continue to celebrate love every day. ⁣⁣#carolineandrob2019

I’m delighted that our wedding was featured in the @nytimes vows section! Thanks to my sister @jendemonte for giving them the suggestion. They are going to write a correction this Sunday to make it known that “he said yes.”⁣⁣#carolineandrob2019 ⁣⁣Online article via link below or in profile:⁣https://www.nytimes.com/2019/08/10/fashion/weddings/theyd-climb-the-highest-mountain-but-not-necessarily-for-each-other.html⁣

PWD: post-wedding depression. As my friends and family leave, and the flowers from my bouquet start to dry, I find myself feeling one of the biggest letdowns of my life. I start crying whenever I look at the ring box or other details from the wedding. It seems so weird to be struck with this sadness after such an unbelievably happy life event. I’m delighted about my marriage and my future with @rob.lea, but the stressful lead up to the wedding- and all the events this year- has taken me on some of the highest highs and lowest lows. I poured my heart and soul into planning my wedding. And it was everything I dreamed of and more. ⁣⁣Depression after big life events isn’t something we normally talk about. I want to continue to break the stigma of discussing mental health issues by sharing my own struggles with bouts of depression. I’m learning to navigate these ups and downs with exercise, self-compassion, acceptance and by staying busy. I give myself space to cry. And while talking about it, I’ve learned that so many other people have dealt with the same thing, and that makes me feel a little better. Thanks to those who love all parts of me- the happy Carolina and the sad one and everything in between. #carolineandrob2019Photo: @erinorthcutt

08.10.19 – we got married! ⁣⁣When a historic landslide covered Little Cottonwood Canyon road on Thursday night, it threatened to shut our wedding down. I realized everything in the last year had prepared me for this. Of course, I had a moment of grieving for the possible loss of 8 months of planning, but I quickly remembered that our wedding wasn't about where we got married. For us, it was about the people and an opportunity to share our love with our large family and friend group. I realized it wouldn't matter if we moved the wedding to the backyard or if some details fell apart. I knew that the adversity would bring us together, and that the universe would still provide for the wedding of my dreams. ⁣⁣With everything else we had going on this year, a fully torn ACL weeks before Everest/Chomolungma, a summit of the highest peak in the world during a short weather window, a major knee surgery, Rob's English Channel crossing and upcoming ride across America, it seemed crazy to add a wedding. But we couldn't wait any longer to marry each other. In the end, the canyon road reopened in time for our friends and family to make it to the summit of Hidden Peak for an unforgettable celebration at 11,000'. It was everything I could have dreamed of and more. I loved every second of the wedding weekend. Smiles and laughs and hugs so big, you never wanted them to end. I will forever relish the outpouring of love, the support of our community and the bonds of our family. I am so happy to gain the most wonderful in-laws and to be part of the Lea family. We're so excited to go forward as Mr and Mrs., husband and wife. ⁣⁣When people ask us what's next, we say marriage will be our greatest adventure yet. It will challenge us, and take grit, resilience and consistent nurturing. I'm confident we are up for the challenge. ⁣ ⁣Photo: My grandma smiling at us through the moon captured by @erin.northcutt #carolineandrob2019

Today is our day! I am so fricking excited to marry my best friend! It’s been a whirlwind of emotion leading up to this, but we are ready. In a few hours, we will be husband and wife! #carolineandrob2019 Photo: @thehearnes

“You know you're in love when you can't fall asleep because reality is finally better than your dreams.”⁣Dr. Seuss ⁣⁣Just a few more days to go until @rob.lea and I are getting hitched and I couldn’t be more excited!!!! #carolineandrob2019

“Skiing will always be my first love. As long as you understand that, we can go forward with this marriage.”⁣⁣⁣⁣⁣Too aggressive for my wedding vows? Want to make sure he understands what he’s getting into. #bigmountaindreams ⁣Photo: skiing in the backdrop of Aoraki/Mt. Cook, by @rob.lea ⁣⁣@patagonia_snow @lekiusa @julboeyewearna @clifbar

My mom worked full-time when I was growing up, so when she was on work trips, my grandma would come and stay with us. I loved spending time with my grandma. Sometimes my mom joked that her personality skipped a generation and ended up with me. We were cut from the same cloth. We loved crafting, doing projects, repairing jewelry, cooking and we both had green thumbs. One year, I got a strange package from her. She sent me a spider plant baby cut from her main plant in the mail. I planted it, and it grew and blossomed, creating many more spider plant babies that I potted and care for.⁣⁣When my grandmother died, I was devastated. The first thought I had was a huge sadness that she would not get to see me get married. She never got to meet @rob.lea but I know she would have loved him. She always thought I’d end up with someone “tall, dark and handsome.” Even more fitting is that my grandma was also married to a Robert and my Rob shares the same initials with my grandfather – RJL.⁣⁣This spider plant we are holding is what has grown from that first baby plant my Grandma sent me. At home, the spider plant is “Grandma,” and it is my way of keeping the memory of my grandmother alive. At my wedding, we plan to have a few spider plants as a way of bringing my Grandma and to keep the memory of my grandmother alive. I hope this little story helps you think of the memories of your own grandparents, whether they are with us or not. And I am so excited to gain a grandma, grandma Joyce, in marriage! Photo: @thehearnes

Human-caused climate change is one of the most pressing issues of our time. I believe businesses have huge power and responsibility to take care of the planet, create positive environmental change and fight climate change.⁣⁣I’m so excited to be working with @gaiaherbs because of our shared commitment to environmental efforts. One of the most interesting ways Gaia Herbs is fighting climate change is through regenerative farming. Conventional agricultural practices such as mono-cropping, deep tilling and overuse of pesticides have killed the microorganisms in our soil. Regenerative farming helps to re-builds soil’s biodiversity and carbon count, enabling the soil to act as a carbon sink and trap C02, putting carbon back into the ground. ⁣⁣As David Brower said, “There is no business to be done on a dead planet.” I hope other businesses will follow suit and see that taking care of the soil can be good for the bottom line too.⁣⁣#sponsored #gaiaherbspartner #gaiaherbs #regenerativefarming #healthysoil #fightingclimatechange #protectingtheplanetPhoto: @alyssanistler

Here’s the real reason we didn’t have a winter or spring wedding. ⁣⁣#TBT to the first time I put on a wedding dress for an @altaskiarea ad in 2010. ⁣⁣I was a young and upcoming athlete when the Alta marketing manager at the time, Connie Marshall, asked me to be in this ad. How women are portrayed in ads matters. I loved that she chose to feature one of the female athletes instead of centering it around the male story and point of view, which snowsports marketing so often caters to. Featuring women in ads like this is important to keep women in sports after they get married, which is when we tend to see a dip in women’s participation. ⁣⁣Thanks Connie. And wear sunscreen! I like @allgoodbrand

I want you to know that you’ve restored my faith in @instagram and the power of the community here. I was nervous to share yesterday’s post and I am so grateful for all the positivity, optimism and hope. To be honest, I've met some of my favorite people here including my fiancé @rob.lea!⁣⁣Here’s the story: My friend @brooke.froelich and I were eating dinner at a restaurant downtown (he was sitting outside at a restaurant next door). There was a beautiful sunset happening, and Brooke and I stepped into the middle of the street to take a picture. A few minutes later, Brooke posted it on her IG and Rob commented, “Just saw you take that picture, look to your 6 o’clock. #creeper”⁣⁣I was horrified because I had been dealing with a scary cyberstalker situation, but Brooke encouraged me to come with her to say hi. That night was a lunar eclipse, and Brooke mentioned to Rob and his friends that I was looking for someone to watch it with. Rob said, “I’m going to a Jazz game.” It was a short, awkward interaction and we parted ways.⁣⁣Later that night, he emailed me to watch the lunar eclipse, but it was too late for me to respond. Plus, I wanted to vet him. I looked him up online and saw we had a mutual friend. I asked her if he was OK, and she said, “yes he’s a really good guy!” Later that week, we went on our first date. And I thought, this could work. I appreciated his honesty about being a creeper! Honesty goes a long way. 4.5 years later, we’re about to get married. ⁣⁣It isn’t easy to meet someone in today’s day in age. I had been searching for my companion for a long time. It’s wonderful when you find your people and you take digital connections into real life. So thank you for giving me that sense of community and that feeling that I’ve found my people. Photo: @thehearnes

We need to stop shaming individuals for not being perfect environmentalists and start using that energy to hold corporations and government accountable for their impacts on the environment.⁣⁣⁣⁣Shame, guilt and fear are not helpful emotions to change behavior and policy.⁣⁣⁣⁣You don’t need to drive an electric car, have solar panels on your home and travel exclusively by bicycle to be a climate activist. You don’t need to be a vegetarian or vegan. Those are all great things to do, but if you can’t do those things, don’t let it hinder you from having a bigger voice and advocate for large-scale policy change.⁣⁣⁣⁣I urge you to stop shaming or calling out individuals. It has a silencing effect, which is one of the most devastating things when someone tries to speak about climate and the environment.⁣⁣⁣⁣For instance, instead of shaming someone for using single use plastic, let’s take the same amount of time to make a phone call to one business and ask them to switch to compostable take away containers.⁣⁣⁣⁣Instead of shaming someone for taking a flight, why don’t we call airlines and ask them to do more to offset their emissions?⁣⁣⁣⁣And instead of feeling guilty or shameful, let’s speak up and use our voice to speak truth to power.⁣.⁣.⁣.⁣.⁣.⁣.⁣.⁣.⁣.⁣#ActOnClimate #AnswerWithAction @protectourwinters @patagonia_snow #BetterTakesAction @keen #KEENambassador #climbforequality #climbersforclimate #everest2019 #keepgrizzlywild @wasatchbackcountryalliance #bigmountaindreams #bigmtndreams #ambassadorfortheplanet #julboathlete

Only 145 days until winter… @patagonia_snow @lekiusa Photo: @jaybeyerimaging

GIVEAWAY!⁣When I’m in the mountains, proper eyewear is just as important as any safety device. Snow blindness is a real concern, especially when you’re above 8000m. Julbo Eyewear is one of the oldest companies in the outdoor industry. They have been making eyewear for alpine environments since the late 1800s. As I got more into mountaineering, I wanted to partner with a brand that made the best quality eyewear for harsh, alpine environments. ⁣⁣On Everest, I wore my Julbo Cham glacier glasses, and we are giving away a pair of them! Follow @carolinegleich + @julboeyewearna and tag a friend who you like to go to the mountains with. We will announce the winner on Monday! ⁣⁣*Winner must be in the US or Canada. ⁣#julbo #julboathlete

Nine years ago, I spent my summer doing an internship for Ted Wilson, the environmental advisor to Utah Governor Gary Herbert. I was getting ready to graduate from college and trying to decide whether to go to grad school or pursue my career as an adventure athlete/ski mountaineer working in the outdoor industry. I had a deep desire to make an impact on the world and do whatever I could to protect the environment and advocate for social causes.⁣•⁣I learned so much working for Ted about how to bring people together to find common ground over controversial issues. At the end of the summer, I attended the Outdoor Retailer show, and realized that my calling was as an athlete, at least for the time being. I may go into politics someday.⁣•⁣Government is one way to create positive change for environmental issues, but I also believe businesses have a huge power. I realized my next step was to create an impact by partnering with brands that were committed to social and environmental responsibility.⁣•⁣I’m glad I trusted my intuition to pursue the path I have. This story is why I’m so excited to be working with @fattire, helping to spread the word about their latest campaign to protect public lands. This summer, they are donating up to $250k to environmental organizations. This is huge! I would be so stoked for you to learn more about this campaign by checking out the link below or in my profile, and sharing the videos on Facebook and Twitter!⁣•⁣Publiclandsforall.com⁣•⁣#FindingCommonGround⁣•⁣@backcountryhunters @accessfund @treadlightlyteam @trustforpublicland @americanwhitewater @nationalwildlife

⁣Just a few more weeks until I get to marry my best friend! What a journey it has been getting to this point. I think that marriage will be our greatest adventure yet.⁣•⁣I used to think that I would find my Prince Charming and he would sweep me off my feet. Movies, TV shows and popular culture do a lot of damage to our perceptions about love and romance. ⁣•⁣I don’t think that there is “the one” anymore. There isn’t one person who will come sweep us off our feet and change our life. The only person who can change your life and make your dreams come true is you. Only once you take care of yourself and do the hard work can you find someone who will enhance your life and share a deep companionship.⁣•⁣@rob.lea and I have been together for almost five years. In 2017, we broke up for a few months. During that time apart, we realized we add a lot to each other’s lives and we are better together. I believe that love and marriage will require making that choice every day. ⁣•⁣Relationships are a lot of work. They require you to explore your wounds and insecurities, to be vulnerable and to let down your walls. And there is no happily ever after. It will take commitment and a constant choosing of being together over being alone. I’m excited for the challenge. Photo: @thehearnes

As athletes and active outdoors people, we always talk about training but we rarely talk about tools for recovery. I’ve learned that it’s not about how hard you can train but how efficiently you can recover from workouts and stress.⁣⁣I’ve added @gaiaherbs hemp to my recovery plan and it’s quickly become one of my favorite recovery tools because I find I sleep better. It also helps me relax and adapt to a different mindset, one that is not “go, go, go,” but that allows me to take a breather. ⁣⁣What are your favorite tools for recovery and how do supplements play a role?

Sending good vibes to my friends @carla.perez.ec, @estebantopomena and @adrianballinger as they are on K2 and heading for the summit tonight. Carla, pictured here, is the first South American woman to climb Everest/Chomolungma without oxygen and is attempting K2 without oxygen. ⁣⁣She guided me to the summit of Everest, and I was so delighted to share the mountain and the summit with her! I love climbing with people of all genders, but there’s a special place in my heart for the energy women bring to the mountains. Having a female guide on our trip changed the dynamics and reinforced how important it is to have women in positions of leadership! ⁣⁣I’m sending all the best wishes and prayers for good weather and safe passage. Go team! #climbforequality ⁣

I’m 33 and I have arthritis in my knees and ankles. It is from years of skiing, running, hitting jumps when I was younger, and because my patellas are slightly crooked. Arthritis pain is something I’ve learned to live with. When I was younger, it would bug me and I’d get super depressed about it. But now, I’m able to cope with a two-prong solution. 1) just don’t think about it. 2) remember it could be worse. I’m grateful for everyday I get to be outside, especially after this recent ACL surgery. I was so stoked to be able to hike up to the top of Ben Nevis last week!!! You have no idea how good it felt. And I don’t know what I would do without my @lekiusa poles, in the summer or the winter. They are one of the items I take with me year-round because it makes everything I do but easier and better. They were one of my first sponsors ever, and I’ve been an athlete for them for about a decade! If you’re looking for a way to take some of the load off your knees on the trails this summer, I highly recommend checking out their trekking and running poles (and their super sweet Wanderfreund “cane” style pole if you are recovering from an injury or just need some support). Thanks Leki for always believing in me from a young age, and for all the support. Photo: @rob.lea

Progress. 6.5 weeks post ACL reconstruction surgery and my knee is feeling strong and stable. Pilates has been one of my secret weapons. It’s a wonderful, low-impact way to work on strength and stability. It really helped me prepare for Everest/Chomolungma without an ACL, and it’s been super helpful as I learn to use my leg and fire my quad with the new ACL. Thanks for the BURN Pilates session this morning @rocksteadybw.

I am so incredibly proud of my fiancée, @rob.lea, for envisioning his Ultimate World Tri and finishing the first 2/3 with his swim across the English Channel (next up, ride across America in Sept). When Rob first told me of his dream, I was instantly dismissive and even told him I’d break up with him if he went to Everest/Chomolungma because I didn’t want to be with someone who would take on so much risk (oh how I changed my tune on that one). It took some time for me to accept my role as his supporter and crew with this project. I fought it at first. I’ve come to learn that it can be just as gratifying to support someone in their dream as it is to pursue to your own. It feels good to give back to Rob for all the days he’s come with me for some adventure skiing in the Wasatch, trying to find an obscure line (bushwhacking), or he’s spent an entire day meeting me at every aid station for an ultramarathon, cleaning my feet and bandaging my blisters. Crewing someone brings you closer together. What do you think? How many of you have crewed and how did it feel? ⁣⁣PS. @natgeo just published an article about Rob’s swim! Check out the link below or in my profile to check it out. ⁣https://www.nationalgeographic.com/adventure/2019/07/ultimate-world-triathlon-climb-everest-swim-english-channel-bike-united-states/#ultimateworldtri #triforequality #climbforequality #thenbeer #everest2019

Ever since I was a little girl, I’ve always wanted to be a pro skier and mountaineer. I have always loved being outside. When I talk to people about what I do, I almost always see a little spark in their eye. A love of being outside is something that unites us all. It makes us feel human again.In a time of increasing political polarization, protecting public lands is one of the few issues that unites us as Americans. Whether we choose to climb, hunt, cycle, 4-wheel, fish or kayak, we are all still Americans who need public lands to play outside. Share this video to help @FatTire donate up to $250,000 to organizations working to protect our shared outdoor spaces!!! Check out the link below or in my profile link to watch the full video and share to help build this donation. #findingcommongroundhttp://publiclandsforall.com/

The world lost a great activist/adventurer this week when Garon Coriz passed away in a climbing accident. My heart is broken for all the conversations we never finished, text threads and Facebook messenger chats about climbing trips we were dreaming of, or places we thought we might meet up to share a rope and a pitch of rock or ice. I loved how Garon invited me to learn more about his perspective on Bears Ears and public lands. His energy was magnetic. His presence, warmth and smile created an ambiance of inclusivity, a little bubble of belonging and acceptance. Garon was deeply committed to protecting the Bears Ears National Monument from development. He was a family doctor serving Native American communities. He was a leader and a friend, and will be deeply missed. I hope we will all be inspired by his legacy, to serve our communities and protect the environment. Most of all, to remember to listen to and elevate Native American voices, as they have been stewards of the land since time immemorial. RIP Garon. #StandWithBearsEars #HonorTribes

Did you know it’s #ArcticSeaIceDay? Today, we call attention to the meltdown taking place in the Arctic, why it matters, and how each of us can help. Join me and learn more via the link below and in my profile:http://bit.ly/arcticseaiceday@polarbearsinternational #saveourseaice Photo: BJ Kirschhoffer

From the English Channel, to the top of Ben Nevis, the highest peak in the U.K.! We are loving our time here, and Scotland is living up to our expectations. I’m so grateful @rob.lea was able to get his swim done so early in our trip so we have some time for a proper holiday. I’m also pleased that 5.5 weeks out of ACL surgery, I could walk 11 miles with 4400’ of vertical. I’ve always wanted to climb Ben Nevis, and I can’t wait to come back here in the winter for some rock and ice climbing! @keen #keenambassador

After 11 hours and 47 minutes of swimming in 60°F/16°C water, @rob.lea completed his swim across the English Channel. The boat pilots called it “brilliant swimming.” We are all so proud of him for achieving this crazy goal! It’s been a long night and we’re ready for a @fattire, followed by a daytime nap. Check out my stories and Instagram live for more coverage from today’s swim! And thank you all for the encouragement and support. It kept him going through the cold, dark night. #triforequality #ultimateworldtri #thenbeer

A little update from the deck of The Optimist as @rob.lea swims across the English Channel! As I write this, he is a little over halfway (distance wise) and is absolutely crushing it! So proud of him. He has trained so hard for this over the past three years since he had a major ankle reconstruction surgery (when he was told he shouldn’t run again.) We inspire each other to set big goals and see them through. Watching him makes me want to go swimming tomorrow! Thank you for all the encouragement and support as he takes on this ambitious goal! Go Rob Go! #ultimateworldtri #triforequality @rylo #storiesthatmove

A little update from the deck of The Optimist as @rob.lea swims across the English Channel! As I write this, he is a little over halfway (distance wise) and is absolutely crushing it! So proud of him. He has trained so hard for this over the past three years since he had a major ankle reconstruction surgery (when he was told he shouldn’t run again.) We inspire each other to set big goals and see them through. Watching him makes me want to go swimming tomorrow! Thank you for all the encouragement and support as he takes on this ambitious goal! Go Rob Go! #ultimateworldtri #triforequality @rylo #storiesthatmove

We’re not married yet! I just wanted to put on a big, beautiful white dress to shoot our engagement shots with @thehearnes! But this post isn’t about our upcoming wedding. It’s about @rob.lea and his project. Today, we leave for the U.K. for Rob to swim across the English Channel. If he succeeds, he will become the first person to climb Everest and swim the Channel in the same year (the events will be about 50 days apart which is mind-blowing). He’s put on 25 lbs since we returned from Everest so he can stay warm as he swims the 20+ miles across the Channel (official rules don’t allow a swimmer to use a wetsuit). I am so proud of him and I can’t wait to help him with this monumental athletic goal! When we support and encourage one another, we can go far! I’ll be doing my best to keep you updated as we begin the journey. I know Rob would love it if you’d leave a comment of encouragement below, or reach out to him directly! I’ll be able to share messages with a whiteboard while he’s swimming too! #ultimateworldtri #triforequality #climbforequality PS huge thanks to @matt_galland for helping us get in position to take these shots.

One month post ACL reconstruction surgery. It may not look like much, but one of the things I’ve learned with this injury is to celebrate the progression along the way. Today, I am so happy to be moving like this, quickly and fluidly and focused on “fast feet.” I love my PT sessions for the opportunity they provide to work on functional strength. I already feel stronger then I was before the injury! Tearing my ACL used to be one of my biggest fears. I’m learning that I tend to overdramatize things in my mind, and it’s not nearly as bad as I thought it would be. Good things happen when we are forced to face our fears. Thanks @smmurnin for all the positivity on this journey! @keen #keenambassador @patagonia

Happy 4th of July! It is a great privilege to be a citizen of the USA and with that privilege comes a responsibility to participate in the democratic process. So take this as a reminder to register to vote! It’s never too soon or too late to become an active, informed voter. Have a safe and fun fourth! Photo: @alexaphoto

Ohhh Canada. I’ll never forget the place where I fell in love with backcountry skiing. Happy Canada Day to all my friends up North! Did you know Protect Our Winters has a Canadian chapter? @protectourwinterscanada is looking for volunteers, members and enthusiastic outdoorsy folks to get involved! Check out the link below and in my bio to join POW! Photo: @soglephoto https://protectourwinters.ca/?utm_source=Instagram&utm_medium=Social&utm_campaign=Canada_Day_2019

This Fourth of July week, let’s not forget how important it is to show up and speak up. Taking a tour of the Pentagon with my friend who works for the Department of Defense – @carolynswertka was another highlight of my DC trip last week. Finding comfort in the hallways of government buildings in DC helps me continue to build my skillset as an activist, and I can’t wait to return to DC in September to speak up about climate change and public lands. #BetterTakesAction @keen #keenambassador #AnswerWithAction @patagonia

This Fourth of July week, let’s not forget how important it is to show up and speak up. Taking a tour of the Pentagon with my friend who works for the Department of Defense – @carolynswertka was another highlight of my DC trip last week. Finding comfort in the hallways of government buildings in DC helps me continue to build my skillset as an activist, and I can’t wait to return to DC in September to speak up about climate change and public lands. #BetterTakesAction @keen #keenambassador #AnswerWithAction @patagonia

It was such a treat to spend time at our Nation’s Capital with the folks from @bdo.usa, sharing stories of overcoming obstacles and reaching our goals on 8000m peaks in the Himalayas. Thanks for having us speak at your conference!

One month ago: standing on the top of the world. It was a magical and terrifying moment. Magical to see the world from such a position. Terrifying to know we had a long way to go along a very exposed, cold ridge until we were safe. I learned so many things after spending 40 days in Tibet and 32 days on Everest/Chomolungma. We have deeper reserves than we think. You can cover a lot of ground with a pounding headache. Pressure breathing works. Showering doesn’t need to happen as often as you think. Ice in drinks is an amazing luxury. I am a more patient person. Being alive is a gift. Life is fragile.#climbforequality Thank you to my sponsors who allow me to live my #bigmountaindreams: @keen @fattire @patagonia @gaiaherbs @rylo @clifbar @julboeyewearna @lekiusa @movementskis @prethelmets @allgoodbrand

Photos from a US satellite showing the impacts of climate change on our environment were declassified last week. The photos of the Himalaya, from 1975 to 2016, show a slow, year-over-year loss of glacial ice. 11.5 billion tons of ice have melted since 1975, doubling their rate of loss after the year 2000. I've seen the impacts of climate change across the West and I saw the impacts of climate change in the Himalaya, on Cho Oyu and Everest/Chomolungma. Instead of skiing the North Col, I opted to downclimb. The route, normally snow-packed, was thinly covered in ice.The magnitude of climate change is hard to fully understand. But looking at these photos and seeing the slow, painful retreat of glaciers from their headwaters is a stark reminder that mountains are the source of water and water is the source of life. We need to protect our mountain environments for this generation and future generations.I work with @patagonia because of their commitment to our environment and their ambitious goals to become carbon neutral. Carbon emissions from big businesses are one of the leading causes of climate change and we need more companies to commit to a carbon neutral business plan so we can ensure a future full of snow-capped mountains. #AnswerWithAction

I learned so many things on my 40 day expedition in Tibet climbing Everest/Chomolungma. Every step of the journey was hard – from fundraising, to packing, to getting there and then the climbing. On this day, climbing to camp 1 at 23,000’/7,000m, I had to remember not to waste precious mental energy thinking about the “shouda woulda coulda,” and to be happy where I was. It’s a lesson I’m continuing to practice as I rehab my ACL after surgery: finding happiness and satisfaction in the present moment.Thank you so much for all the positive messages and support. I can’t wait to re-edit the Rylo video where I tore my ACL with the ending of being on the summit of Everest! @rylo #StoriesThatMove

We are so excited to be in Ft. Collins for the @fattire advocate summit, hanging with other fat tire athletes and learning more about the brand. As consumers, we have a responsibility to vote with our dollars, and as an athlete, I’m stoked to represent a brand that is a certified @bcorporation and part of @1percentftp! #thenbeerPhoto: enjoying a celebratory cold one at Everest/Chomolungma advanced base camp (21,000’/6400m) the day after we summitted.

Happy Father’s Day, dad! Thanks for always being there for me and for teaching me the value of spending time together outside. When my parents started camping, they sewed all their own equipment, from tents, to sleeping bags to down booties and pants. One of my most prized possessions is my dad’s old sewing machine from the 70s that I still use to repair my gear today. Thanks for all those days you spent teaching me how to ski, backpack and climb and for supporting me in my dreams, even if it isn’t always what you imagined for me. Our #climbforequality was inspired by the @heforshe movement, that highlights the role that men can play in supporting women’s leadership. My dad taught me how to be aggressive, fierce and careful in the mountains, and to seek high ground, whether camping or in approaching life. I love you so much! Happy Father’s Day to all the other dads out there.

Before I went on my first high-altitude expedition, I asked fellow @clifbar athlete @hilareenelson for advice on what I should eat. She told me she mostly eats gels on big days at high altitude, and I’ve continued to follow her advice. Clif Bars are the ultimate energy foods for active adventurers and endurance athletes. The mix of carbs, fats, proteins and sugars all played a role to keep me on the move for an 18 hours on our summit day on Everest/Chomolungma. It’s was the perfect high-altitude snack when I saw down to take a break and pack up at camp 3. #MakeItGood

One of the hardest things for me is asking for help and trusting that someone will be there. I think it’s a common challenge. I’m pretty stubborn and independent, and I like to do things the way I want to do them. Climbing Everest/Chomolungma with my partner @rob.lea and the rest of my team was a way to heal my injured instincts around help and trust. On an 8000m peak, you have to watch out for one another. You have to help each other to make sure you don’t make life-threatening mistakes (It turns out the same is true for recovering from ACL surgery.) I am so grateful to my fiancé, Rob, for all the help along the way, and I can’t wait to marry him in less than two months! ⁣Photo: all smiles and kisses at the north col/camp 1 (23,000’/7000m) snapped by @carla.perez.ec .⁣.⁣.⁣.⁣.⁣.⁣.⁣.⁣.⁣@fattire #thenbeer @keen #keenambassador @rylo #storiesthatmove @gaiaherbs @clifbar #feedyouradventure @julboeyewearna #julboeyewear @lekiusa #lekipoles @movementskis #bigmountaindreams #climbforequality #ambassadorfortheplanet #everest2019 #chomolungma @alpenglowexpeditions #adventuredoneright

About two weeks ago, we were standing on the top of the world. It’s dramatically different from my current reality: sitting at home nursing my leg post ACL surgery. The climbing along the northeast ridge kept my attention with up to 10,000’ (3000m) of exposure at times. It’s been difficult for me to want to write about Everest/Chomolungma (the Tibetan name) because our experience was so dramatically different than what the media portrayed. We had very few other teams with us on summit day. When you’re climbing a mountain like Everest, you have to embrace the fact that people from the entire world come together during this short period of time to share the mountain. I will forever cherish the experience and memories and can’t wait to continue sharing with you! #bigmountaindreams #climbforequality

Tearing my ACL right a few weeks before leaving to climb Everest was one of the most stressful moments of my life. I tried to pretend I was cool, but inside, I was freaking out.⁣ ⁣The cannabinoids in hemp have been known to help with mood, sleep and anxiety. I started taking new @gaiaherbs Full Spectrum Hemp Extract as I began rehabbing my knee. Gaia Herbs is a Certified B Corp that introduced the world’s first herbal traceability platform, so you can be assured that your supplements are free of toxic metals, pesticides and other microbe contamination.⁣⁣They also donate a portion of the proceeds of their hemp products to organizations working to empower hemp workers in the US, support diverse and minority farming communities, and expand regenerative agricultural practices.⁣ ⁣I am so excited to be a #GaiaHerbsPartner representing their new hemp line, and I can’t wait to continue sharing more about this amazing company with you! #Sponsored

To be honest, I was more afraid of having ACL surgery than I was of climbing Everest/Chomolungma. I was afraid of having something go wrong when I was put to sleep. The awesome surgical staff at the Park City Hospital put me at ease and I’m glad to report that the procedure went really well (it took an hour and I was home by midday) and I’m on the road to recovery, resting and being cared for by the best nurse ever, @rob.lea. Thank you so much for all the support. And now, I want to start sharing more from Everest/Chomolungma. What questions do you have about the trip and what parts do you want to see?

ACL reconstruction surgery today. Thanks for all the kind words! I’ll see you when I have a new L-ACL.

An update on skiing on Everest/Chomolungma: As we left advanced base camp to move towards the summit, I decided to bring my skis to crampon point to have a good, final look at the north col and ridge to make the call. This was a very dry season on the north side of Everest, and once I looked at the route, I decided it was too icy and thin to bring my skis up. I really, really wanted to ski on Everest, but I knew to trust my intuition and focus on the summit, with a short weather window and difficult conditions. Climbers that we spoke to who have spent decades on Everest said it was the driest or tied with 1999 as one of the driest years on record. Despite my disappointment about the skiing, I was so excited to be moving up the mountain and have the summit in sight. There are two major routes to climb Everest, one from Nepal and one from Tibet. We climbed from Tibet via the slightly more technical northeast ridge route and summitted on May 24, a day after all the crowds in the now infamous photo from the south side. It was a phenomenal experience and a lifelong dream come true. Yes, there are problems on Everest, like any place that people love so much, but I believe climbers and the love for the mountain can be part of the solution. #climbforequality #bigmountaindreams #actonclimate Photo: @rob.lea