Someone I have always been inspired by is fellow @clifbar ambassador @hilareenelson. Right now, she and @jimwmorrison and team are on a neighboring peak, Lhotse, to ski one of the most beautiful unskied couloirs in the world. Follow them on their journey through their handles or hashtag #lhotseski18.Before I went on my first high altitude ski mountaineering trip five years ago, I asked Hilaree about her favorite things to eat at altitude. She told me, @clifbar gels and Pringles. I took her advice and climbed and skied my first 6000m peak. I love gels because they are easy to consume at altitude when you are not producing much saliva, and the sugars are easily absorbed. Thanks for the tip Hilaree! Photo: @nickkalisz

Back up at advanced base camp! If we feel good tomorrow, we might go to touch camp 1. This trip has been one of the most physically and mentally challenging trips of my life. And that’s why we chose it. Thanks for all the kind words and supportive comments. I’m glad to be feeling ok again. #MountainsAreForEveryone #chofosho @keen #keenambassador Photo: @rob.lea

After four days at advanced base camp, my cough got worse and worse. I was losing strength. It became difficult to do simple tasks like walk to the bathroom. I almost stopped peeing all together. My oxygen saturation was low, and after a really rough night, we knew it was time for me to descend. I was so weak, @rob.lea did all the packing while @solitude66 and @topomena organized logistics, and I went on supplemental oxygen. I felt so embarrassed walking out of camp, but sometimes you have to hold your head up high and let go of your pride. We are only human. I even made up an alter ego for my oxygen mask face: baby Darth Vader. It helped me feel more badass in that low moment, and gave me strength for the hike back down to basecamp. When I got down, @adrianballinger reminded me that sometimes, altitude sickness just happens. It has nothing to do with fitness, preparation or experience. I’m trying not to be too hard on myself during this time. I’ve been resting now for a few days at basecamp. Tomorrow, I’m going to go back up to abc. I’m a little scared from what happened, but I’m going to give it another go and take it one step at a time. Huge thanks to Rob and the team for taking such good care of me while I was sick!

Expectations are not always a good thing to have, especially when climbing a big mountain. I came here to the Himalayas to find a challenge, and I am finding it. Adjusting to life at advanced base camp on Cho Oyu at 18,500’/5700m has been extremely difficult for me. I had an expectation that I would perform well on this trip, but I am feeling poorly, with headaches, nausea and a hacking cough. It’s a good reminder to take it one moment at time and not get discouraged. Part of the team went to camp 1 today and I stayed at advanced base camp to rest. Luckily, I am surrounded by a supportive team from @alpenglowexpeditions and we are taking good care of each other. Hopefully my condition will continue to improve with another day or two of rest! #adventuredoneright #chofosho

Couples who march together stay together. Today is the big day! I’ll be marching with you all in spirit to demand action on climate and to advocate for a future of renewable energy.#RiseForClimate #March4POW

Heading to Cho Oyu basecamp today (16,400 ft./5000m). For this trip, I wanted to push myself to bring a different narrative to how we approach mountaineering and use this expedition as an opportunity to talk about inclusivity and allyship. As I’ve grown as an activist, I’ve come to realize that social and environmental issues are related, and that how we treat people is how we treat the planet. I feel it’s more important than ever to speak up about inclusivity and diversity to create a more resilient environmental movement. Over the next few weeks, I’ll be highlighting friends I’ve met who have challenged my point of view, helped me grow and who are evolving our perceptions of who belongs in the mountains. Stay tuned for more… #MountainsAreForEveryone

Potola Palace, Lhasa, Tibet. 11,995’/3650m. Lhasa is one of the highest cities in the world and the holy center of Tibetan Buddhism. Visiting the Potala Palace will go down as one of my top life experiences. Tibet is a place that few Westerners are able to visit. Every moment, I am filled with gratitude to be here, happy and healthy. Walking up and down all the stairs, I am thankful for the nights spent in the @hypoxico tent. Morale is high as we make our way through the Tibetan highlands into the Himalayas and to Cho Oyu base camp over the next few days. My intention for this time is to savor each moment and share as many smiles with the people I meet as possible. @KEEN #keenambassador

After what felt like a marathon day of travel, we made it to Chengdu, China (a city home to around 14 million people, and the capitol of the Sichuan Province), had a little sleep and are awaiting our departure to Lhasa. There are few experiences in life as deeply uncomfortable as being an exhausted foreigner arriving in a country where you do not speak the language. Thank goodness for google translate and for the fine logistical support from @alpenglowexpeditions. There were some minor snafus along the way, but nothing major and morale is high after a few hours at an airport hotel. I’ve done some international trips alone and it’s a different beast (especially with ski luggage). I’m so grateful to have @rob.lea as a travel companion. When Rob and I first met four years ago, I never imagined that we would go on a trip like this together. At that point, I had written off trying to find a life partner who was also a mountaineering partner. I wanted someone who was solid at home- that I could depend on to pick me up at the airport and cook me good meals. It turns out, Rob ticked those boxes and he is a crusher in the mountains. I learned an important lesson- that sometimes, when you stop searching, it’s easier to find what you are looking for. Onward we go. I’m sure there will be many more hiccups along the way, and I’ll continue to be glad to have someone who is so patient and kind and who makes me laugh when I cry, by my side.

Packing day. Tomorrow, we depart. I am nervous and excited for the big challenge ahead. I can’t believe we are so close…Honestly, I tend to get pretty bad pre-trip anxiety. To help ease the stress in my mind, I try to make a mantra and visualization. I try not to get too wrapped up in the worry of the future and just focus on one step at a time. For my mantra on this trip, I’m thinking about all of you- the army of support I have- and how that support will propel me up the mountain. I want to show that mountaineering doesn’t need to be elitist- that #MountainsAreForEveryone. That you don’t need to grow up climbing or skiing competitively. You can figure it out and it’s never too late. I’ll do my best to keep you updated along the way! Thanks for all the support and encouragement. Can’t wait to meet the rest of the team from @alpenglowexpeditions! @KEEN #KEENambassador @clifbar #feedyouradventure Photo: @rob.lea

There are steps we can take every day to be more environmentally friendly. One of the ways I try to lighten my impact on the environment is by prioritizing human-powered recreation, choosing to hike or climb up the mountain as much as possible. It’s about action over apathy and supporting people and organizations who do the same. It’s pretty next level for @AlaskaAir to talk about their commitment to reduce waste by removing straws on each of their flights. What are you doing to lighten your footprint on the planet? Share using the hashtag #StrawlessSkies for a chance to win two Alaska Air vouchers to anywhere Alaska air flies. #sponNo one is perfect, and every human has an impact, but I believe in doing the best we can every day.

Five years ago, I went on my first high altitude ski mountaineering trip to Ecuador to climb and ski the three highest peaks in the country. This picture was taken on the summit plateau of Chimborazo (20,549’/6263m) which is the highest I’ve ever been. It was a challenging summit day, as the mountain was covered in head high penitentes. These ice structures are gnarly to walk through, and it made our time above 20,000’ much more strenuous. I remember how fatiguing it was to do any little thing. It was even hard to talk without getting winded. To prepare for Cho Oyu, I’ve spent the last six weeks sleeping at progressively higher elevations in a @hypoxico altitude training tent. We’ve been sleeping over 17,000’/5181m for the past few nights, all in the comfort of our own home. I’m gratitude for the opportunity to get a head start on acclimatization and I’m eager to see how the tent training pays off. Fingers crossed we have better skiing conditions than this. Despite the snow on Chimborazo, climbing and skiing the snow capped volcanoes in Ecuador was one of my favorite trips of my lifetime. I highly recommend it. #tbt #MountainsAreForEveryone

For many years, I’ve had the dream of taking my ski mountaineering to the Himalayas. Along the way, many people have told me my dreams are impossible and crazy. Yet there are a handful of people who have believed in me, supported me and said let’s figure out how to get you up and down that mountain. One of those people is @adrianballinger. He is one of the most accomplished high altitude ski mountaineers and the founder of @alpenglowexpeditions. He has given me so much beta over the years (for example, spending hours on the phone with me going over logistics before I went to the Cordillera Blanca in Peru- pictured here). When others said I was crazy, he said go for it. Adrian never judged my ability as a ski mountaineer by my size, gender or appearance. I was inspired by his rapid ascent of Cho Oyu with @emilyaharrington a few years ago, their attempt on Makalu and I’m so stoked for the opportunity to go to the Himalayas (in a few days!) with the team from Alpenglow expeditions. Someday, I’ll get to make turns with Emily and Adrian. Until then, be like Adrian and believe in people and their dreams, even if they challenge your perceptions. #AdventureDoneRight #MountainsAreForEveryone #bigmtndreams Photo: @rob.lea

Eating locally produced (and organic) food is one thing I prioritize to lighten my impact on the environment. It’s not only better for the planet, it tastes better too. .A few years ago, one of my big summer projects was to convert my lawn backyard into this garden pictured here. I figured if I was using water, it might as well go to growing food. Ripping up the sod, building the planter boxes, tilling the soil, spreading the compost and mulch and planting the garden was like climbing a huge mountain in the physical effort it took. But once I ate the first cherry tomato from the vine, it was all worth it. .I’m inspired by @AlaskaAir and their commitment to reduce their environmental impact by going straw-less on all their flights. For a chance to win two Alaska Air flight vouchers to a destination of your choosing, post what you are doing to lessen your impact on the planet and tag #StrawlessSkies. #iFlyAlaska #spon.I know planting a garden isn’t going to solve the world’s environmental problems but it was my way of doing my part. Going strawless or planting a garden are two examples of actions we can take to be more responsible inhabitants of the planet.

I don’t think of mountains as something to be conquered. I’m not out to conquer or defeat the places I explore. I don’t think that reaching the summit of a peak makes me superior.Talk about conquering mountains also shows a lack of respect for indigenous cultures, who have stewarded these landscapes for centuries, who view these peaks as sacred (for example, it is disrespectful to stand directly on the summit of Aoraki/Mt. Cook, Land of Ngāi Tahu.) For centuries, people who look like me have shown up in wild places and said, “This belongs to me.” I want to do better. I’m not interested in conquering landscapes. I’m interested in a more intimate relationship, immersing myself, learning from a new place and doing my best to leave it better than I found it. I wanted to give a shoutout to my friends Len and Shelma who have helped me think about this in a different way. If you want to learn from them too, follow them at @nativesoutdoors and @heyflashfoxy #MountainsAreForEveryone Photo: @crossroadstudios

I’ve been more encouraged to speak out about sexism and other issues because I really believe that how we treat women and how we treat people says a lot about how we treat the planet. Last weekend, I was honored to share the stage with @leahloves and @seasachi at @theinertia evolve summit to discuss the future of women in surf and the outdoors. See the link below or in my profile to watch the whole discussion. Photo: Aika Lau

Apathy over action. I am not a perfect environmentalist. I’m far from it. Often, I forget my reusable bags. I don’t carpool or bike commute nearly as much as I should. This year, I’ll fly much more than the average American. Does that mean I should give up? Go live in a hole? No, it means I’ll do more. Personal responsibility is important and so is large scale change, from business and government. That’s why I show up and speak up at as many public hearings as I can, putting pressure on our city and state and nation to go renewable and reduce consumption. It’s why I work with brands like @patagonia who are doing everything they can to make clothing last longer, more reparable and out of recycled materials. I don’t let the guilt of imperfection get in the way of taking action, and neither should you. ️Photo: @katieboue

We all have a carbon footprint, but there are ways we can reduce our impact on the earth. This post is inspired by @AlaskaAir and their initiative to go straw-less on their flights to reduce their carbon footprint. One of my favorite ways to reduce my carbon footprint is by participating in community tree plantings. Not only do trees offset carbon, they improve air and water quality and provide habitat for wildlife. Share what you are doing to reduce your carbon footprint using #StrawlessSkies for a chance to win two Alaska Air flight vouchers to a destination of your choosing. #iFlyAlaska #spons

I really do believe that sharing experiences in the outdoors is one of the greatest gifts we can give one another. In all honesty, I had a rough week last week. Thursday was a real low. Preparing for our Cho Oyu trip- the logistics, the training and the @hypoxico tent sleeping -has left me sleep deprived and fatigued. In those low moments, friends and trails are my saving grace. I was grateful for the opportunity to get out with @brooke.froelich (in her third trimester!) and @huck.gaynes for a hike. It completely changed my mood, and I was happy to help carry Huck for part of the way (which was excellent mountaineering training). Sometimes, a little dirt and sunshine can change your outlook on everything. #MountainsAreForEveryone @keen #KEENambassador

Today, I’m heading to LA to speak at @theinertia’s first-ever Evolve summit on a panel about the future of women in surf and outdoors with @leahloves and @seasachi. I’m stoked to be a part of the event! I just wish I could rename the panel “The Future is Female… and Male and Non-Binary.” Its time we call men IN! I’ve been really inspired by @justinbaldoni and his #manenough campaign, and I’ve been thinking about the powerful role that male allies can play. I’m a feminist, yes and I’m a humanist. I’m excited to continue this work to help shape society into a place where people can be free to be their truest selves. #MountainsAreForEveryone

Going to Tibet this fall will be my twelfth international backcountry ski/ski mountaineering expedition in the past nine years. I love seeing the world through the lens of ski mountaineering. In 2014, @brodyleven, @graysonschaffer and I went to Mexico to ski Pico de Orizaba (18,491 ft./5636 m) the highest volcano in North America, in a weekend. Headache, nausea and fatigue were our constant companions along the way (shortly after this photo was taken, Grayson started vomiting). The fantasy of being in these places is often prettier than the reality. Luckily, we were able to descend quickly and made it home ok. I wouldn’t recommend this trip, but it was good training for what’s ahead. #MountainsAreForEveryone #Cho18

Skiing at high altitude always feels a little goofy. In less than three weeks, @rob.lea and I leave to ski Cho Oyu. It’s a bit of a grind right now with packing and logistics (it’s hard to find 8000m technical gear in my size!) but we’re cranking it out. I’m nervously anticipating the challenge ahead…Photo: skiing at 18,000’ (5,500m) in the Cordillera Blanca in Peru.#MountainsAreForEveryone

A morning ridge scramble with @megan_dingman was a highlight of my week. Climbing a mountain with someone is an intimate, shared experience. Not everyone has compatible chemistry, but when you meet your people, you know it. I first met Megan many years ago when I was a ski coach. She was probably 8 years old, with the determination and grit of someone far older. This summer, we had a chance to reconnect and get out into the mountains. Megan is an adult now and I’m stoked to see she still has the same tenacity, resiliency and strength of character she had when she was a little girl. It’s not everyday you find someone who understands you. When you do, cherish that time together.

A morning ridge scramble with @megan_dingman was a highlight of my week. Climbing a mountain with someone is an intimate, shared experience. Not everyone has compatible chemistry, but when you meet your people, you know it. I first met Megan many years ago when I was a ski coach. She was probably 8 years old, with the determination and grit of someone far older. This summer, we had a chance to reconnect and get out into the mountains. Megan is an adult now and I’m stoked to see she still has the same tenacity, resiliency and strength of character she had when she was a little girl. It’s not everyday you find someone who understands you. When you do, cherish that time together.

One of my biggest heroes is my mom. From a young age, she demonstrated an ethic of caring for people and the environment. #sponsored I recently learned she has donated blood around 100 times. I never realized how important it is to donate blood until I found out more about our family story and a traumatic experience she had when she was growing up. Right now, the @AmericanRedCross is looking for donations and I'm hoping some of you will be inspired by the bravery and courage of my mom. I'll give you a virtual hand to hold while you donate. First, go to my campaign page (link in bio) and sign up to donate. I'll get a notification when you pledge and will send you a comment of support and appreciation! #AHandToHold #SleevesUpSummer

Someone who inspires me as an athlete is my friend @bowmankf. We are both on @Strava, and I always notice her fast times, especially on backcountry ski segments.This winter, I asked Kate to team up with me to compete in the Wasatch Powderkeg skimo team race, which also happened to be national championships. Neither of us had ever done a skimo team race before, but we worked seamlessly as a team, pushing each other when we needed it. The course had 6 climbs with around 8000’ of climbing over 14 miles. We ended up winning the female team race and became 2018 US Ski Mountaineering Female Team National Champions.I’d like to #GiveKudos to Kate for being a fierce competitor and inspiring me to push myself a little harder. I hope we can team up for another race this winter! Photo: @westonshirey

When we make ourselves vulnerable to nature, we open up our hearts to each other. I am still reeling from the excitement of my little brother’s wedding, @w_gleich to his best friend, @brittgold2 this weekend on top of Hidden Peak. Welcome to the family, Brittany! I had the unique honor of officiating their wedding. It was my first time officiating and I loved being of service to the couple to make the ceremony true to who they are. I tried to be focused and present during the short time I had together with my family, so I let the professional photographer do her thang! I’ll probably share one or two more photos when we get the edit. May their love remind us all to celebrate the love and friendship in our own lives! #GoldNGleich

Photo and caption by @sav.cummins: “Rosie the Riveter said ‘we can do it’ to ask women to rise up, and prove to men that we can do whatever men can do. She encouraged women to ‘not be afraid to be themselves’ while fighting for women’s rights during the 1940’s. Rosie was described as masculine, she wore men's clothes and did a mans job, however she wore lipstick to represent her feminine side. This photo of @heather_lightfoot on Split Beaver (5.10b) was inspired by Rosie the Riveter to show our appreciation for the strong, beautiful, non fictional women who are spreading the mantra that ‘we CAN do it.’———————Last week, I was in Squamish taking part in the #squamishexposed event. I was paired up with two climbers and given 48 hours to shoot photos, one day to edit hand in a slide show and present to a crowed. They’re currently running a ‘People’s Choice’ vote with one image from each photographer.” Vote for her image via the link below or in my profile:

Switching gears from going fast and light to slow and heavy to prepare for my next big objective. In September, @rob.lea and I are heading to climb and ski Cho Oyu, the sixth highest peak in the world. Going to the Himalayas has been a lifelong dream for me, and I’m stoked that we’re finally doing it! Yesterday, we loaded up our packs with 40lbs and hiked up the mountain to build power in the legs for what’s ahead. Stay tuned for more! #ChoFoSho #rapidascent #MountainsAreForEveryoneSpecial shout out to @lekiusa, who makes my poles and gloves. Leki was my first sponsor many years ago, and I’m so grateful for their support. I highly recommend their trekking and ski poles for all of you active mountain people. It saves the knees.

Over 300,000 vertical human/bicycle powered feet ascended so far in 2018 (91,440 m). It’s not a record, yet keeping track keeps me motivated and gets me outside. Because when I’m in these places, I feel I can be the best version of myself. It’s easy to forget that nature is not a place we go. We are nature. I’ve always had to make time outside a priority in my life. Without it, I waste away. The mountains feed my soul. @KEEN #keenambassador Photo: @crossroadstudios

I was mildly hypothermic as I crossed the finish line of the @tusharcrusher after being out in pea sized hail and rain for the last hour and a half of the race. Covering 70 Miles with 10,000’ of climbing, I wouldn’t recommend the Crusher for your first bike race. Despite the challenge, I couldn’t stop smiling. I had so much fun climbing up and down huge mountain passes on my bike, getting splattered in mud and drenched in the rain. Huge thanks to all the volunteers, race organizers and fellow competitors who made this such a memorable day. And thanks to @binghamcyclery and @bingham_cyclery_peak_fasteners for inviting me to participate. And finally to @rob.lea for taking spectating to a whole new level.

12 hours out from the start of my first bike race, the @tusharcrusher. Time for a stretch, a foam roller session and then, early to bed. The butterflies are building… I know tomorrow will be a big challenge. My goal is to greet each hill (and competitor and volunteer) with a smile! @binghamcyclery @bingham_cyclery_peak_fasteners #bigmtndreams #flatbruce

The mountains are where I come alive, and I am so grateful for everyday I get to be outside, exploring and adventuring by foot, skis and bike. This Saturday, I’m competing in my first bike race, the Crusher in the Tushar! It is a tight turnaround two weeks after my first ultramarathon, but cycling has been a way to work through some the niggles in my legs and keep adventuring. Huge thanks to @binghamcyclery and @bingham_cyclery_peak_fasteners for the opportunity to train and compete in this race. Stay tuned for more as I make my way down to Beaver, UT for the start.

These blazing hot Utah days have me dreaming about cooler times and places…would you dunkaroo? Getting the legs submerged was enough for me. 😉 Lofoten, Norway. Video: @rob.lea

Taking a rock rescue class was one of the most important things I did to progress as a ski mountaineer. Gaining a deep understanding of rope systems allowed me to go from being a follower to a leader in the mountains. These courses aren’t regularly offered for non-guide folks which is why I wanted to let you know that my friends at @prival_usa have a course starting this week in Salt Lake City, UT led by IFMGA guide Jesse Williams. Check out the link below or in my profile for more info. And use code caroline5 for a discount! #nonsponsored post Photo: I was stoked to have the confidence to rappel first off the famous Aiguille du Midi bridge to ski the Cunningham couloir in Chamonix by @tom_grant_
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42.5 miles (68 km), 6000 ft. (1828 m) of elevation gain, 88,000 steps, $2,917 raised for the @aclu_nationwide and @together.rising to help reunite immigrant families from 62 donors.Last weekend, I finished my first ultramarathon. I cannot thank you all enough – whether you donated, sent a note of encouragement or marched in your local #familiesbelongtogether rally. It was one of the hardest endurance challenges I’ve ever undertaken. I almost quit at mile 35 when my legs were cramping and my feet were blistered. I felt propelled by your support, and by the help from @rob.lea and the folks at the aid station. Race day reminds me that we are stronger together. Positivity, kindness and compassion win the day. The best part was seeing my parents at the last mile. The road to reuniting immigrant families will be long and challenging. Make sure to keep speaking up, showing up and choosing action over apathy. #twistedforkultra

Happy Fourth of July! Show your love for what makes America great by supporting trails with the @nationalforests Summer of Trails campaign @matt_galland

Here are my nieces, nephew and me on a recent trip to Bears Ears. Tomorrow, I’m devoting my first ultramarathon to #familiesbelongtogether because what’s happening to immigrant families at the border breaks my heart. Being with my family is one of the greatest blessings in life. I’m still trying to raise funding to provide legal representation for children separated from their families at the border. Check out the link below or in my profile to donate. Thank you for your support. – Who else is marching tomorrow? @keen #BetterTakesAction #KEENambassador

Throwing it back to last summer when I woke up from a dirt nap at 10 pm to climb and ski Mt Rainier, just as the sun was setting. I’m looking forward to another long day on my feet this Saturday when I run my first ultramarathon! What are you doing with these long summer days? #tbt Photo: @scottrinck

I can’t believe we’ve already reached the fundraising goal for my Run to Reunite on Saturday! Thank you to everyone who has donated. Because this cause is so important to me, I’m raising another $1k for @together.rising, a non profit who is working to reunite families that have been separated to provide reunification services and legal advocacy and representation in immigrant court. I believe that #familiesbelongtogether and I’m planning to run 40 miles (64km) for the cause. You can donate via the link below or in my profile:, taken on the course I will race, by @brodyleven! #AnswerWithAction

On June 30, I am devoting my first ultramarathon run to reunite families of immigrants because #familiesbelongtogether. I am doing a fundraiser for the @ACLU in solidarity with the broader #familiesbelongtogether marches that are happening all over the country. To learn more and support my fundraiser and race (which will be the longest I’ve ever run), check out the link below and in my profile: @crossroadstudios

Last fall, I took a trip to the Grand Staircase in Southern Utah with my family. Seeing my parents in this slot canyon will always be a highlight of my adult life. Their eyes lit up like a kid on Christmas morning. Red rock walls hundreds of feet high have that effect. I just read an @npr article stating that a Canadian firm will begin mining on land that used to be part of the National Monument. This is a tragedy. I understand we need minerals, but there are some places that are too special and some actions that can’t be undone. You can read the article in the link below:

#KeepGrizzlyWild Today, I’m spoke at a Central Wasatch Commission meeting about a new bill to designate a national conservation and recreation area in my home range, the Wasatch. As there are more and more demands on this small and very special mountain range, I believe it’s important that we continue to speak up to protect the human-powered backcountry experience. I’m especially concerned about maintaining the balance between ski resorts and backcountry. One area in particular that we need to protect is Grizzly Gulch. I’d love to hear your stories of adventure in Grizzly! Tag @wasatchbackcountryalliance and #KeepGrizzlyWildPhoto: @brentbensonphotography

#FamiliesBelongTogether. There are few things in life that bring me more joy than being an aunt to my nieces and nephews. When I’m with them, time slows down. Auntieland is like another, kinder world. And when I’m away from them, I miss them in the deep, heart-aching sort of way. I’m not a mother now, and I’m not sure if I’ll be one in the future, but family means everything to me. And that’s why I’m so disturbed by the fact that over 2,000 children have been separated from their families in the past six weeks. This is not who we are. This is happening to people who are attempting to enter the country at ports of entry and in between. We must urge Congress and the President to end this cruel policy of tearing apart immigrant families. This has been keeping me up at night and I had to do something about it. Today, I donated to the @aclu_nationwide to continue their work on this cause. I will be in touch with my elected officials. Let’s continue to speak out loud and clear that this is wrong and we won’t tolerate it. Thanks for the inspiration for this post, @brooke.froelich

Action alert: Today is the last day to submit comments to oppose drilling in the Arctic Refuge in Alaska. It’s one of the last wild places in America (pictured here with @kitdski and @hilareenelson). Visit the link below or in my profile to protect this important place. @jxnfigs

Cross-training. I’m excited for the opportunity to race the Crusher in the Tushar in less than a month with @binghamcyclery on my new @iamspecialized_adv Diverge. It’s nice to have a bike I can take from tarmac to single track and everything in between.

This is one of my favorite pictures from my childhood. Now that I’m older, I have no idea how my parents handled traveling with all of us kids. I’m grateful for all the lessons my dad has taught me over the years- how to be a good traveler, how to be a happy camper, how to have a sense of adventure and to always stay curious and ask questions. Happy Father’s Day to all the dads out there! Love you dad!

Turning #bigmtndreams into specific mountain goals. Currently, I’m training to run a 40 mile/64 km trail race at the end of June (my first ultramarathon), compete in a 70 mile/112 km bike race mid-July and climb and ski Cho Oyu, the sixth highest peak in the world in September. I’m nervous to even write about these goals because I’m scared I might not succeed. But sometimes you’ve gotta try something ambitious and take it one day at a time, keeping in mind there are lessons in failure as well. It’s a lot to train for and it’s been challenging to manage the training load. •#bigmtndreams is my bigger vision of giving myself the tools to ascend peaks around the world by skis, foot or bike and test my limits of endurance. It’s bigger than a yearly project. It’s a lifelong journey to keep growing my skill set and evolving as an athlete. I like to pick challenges that push me out of my comfort zone so I can approach the mountains through the eyes of a student. There’s always something new to learn! •Thanks for following along and for your support and encouragement along the way. I’m excited to share the upcoming adventures with you. Photo: @rob.lea @keen #keenambassador @lekiusa

It isn’t easy to talk about depression. Last spring, I went through a particularly difficult time. I had just broken up with my partner (we got back together a few months later) and I have never felt more sad and alone. I’m lucky and grateful my friends @spicinguplife and @katieboue were available to spend time with me. One day after the breakup, we hopped into Iris’s awesome van and drove south through Bryce Canyon, Grand Staircase and eventually to the Grand Canyon to run a half marathon. Being in the car for all those hours was miserable, for me and for them. I couldn’t stop crying. But I wasn’t alone. They sat with me through my pain and sorrow, never telling me to stop crying even though I’m sure that’s all they wanted. They showed up and stayed with me. It made all the difference. For that, I’m eternally grateful. Sometimes I feel like our society only wants to see us when we’re happy and energetic. I hope that sharing this story will help break the stigma of talking about depression. Life isn’t all smiles and rainbows. Sometimes it sucks. It’s ok to be a downer. The road trip didn’t cure me and magically make everything better, but it put me on the path to recovery. It’s a journey that we’re all in together. Be the kind of person who loves someone when they are at their best and their very worst. Sometimes knowing that you’re not alone can make all the difference. And don’t be afraid to ask for help. We all need help at different points in our lives. Much love to all of you. ️️️

I’m grateful to have many rad, supporting men in my life. The guy who sent me that text last fall, which I reference in my previous post, has become one of them. I want to give him anonymous kudos for contacting me directly and for the positive efforts he’s made by standing up for me and talking to me openly.•That is the ultimate outcome I seek in calling out misogyny and sexism – not just to call it out, but to listen, learn and grow. I am proud of my friend for growing from this experience, and it makes me hopeful for future progress across the snow community. Some of the comments on my post disappointed me because they did more to hurt my colleague than to facilitate positive growth. We are all in this together.•When I talk about toxic masculinity, I’m not talking about men. Women often adopt the norms of masculinity in order to succeed in male-dominated workplaces. We all need to confront our biases and call ourselves out when we make mistakes. This isn’t a battle of the sexes. The mountains are for everyone.•Photo: scrambling in the Canadian Rockies with two rad men, @rob.lea and @lucas_really and the strong and feminine @alpinewithv in the middle.

Stoked to be at @mountainfilm for the next few days! If you’re in Telluride, come see my documentary with @rei and @ducttapethenbeer, Follow Through. It’s playing tonight (Friday) at 9:15pm at Off-Width and Sunday 4pm at High Camp. I’ll be speaking on a panel about re-evaluating risk on Saturday 5pm at Liberty Bar, leading a hike on Sunday at 10am (meet at Courthouse steps) and speaking on Monday at 8am at Hotel Telluride (topic: restorative power of wilderness). Can’t wait to say hi to old friends and new. Whew! Photo: all smiles after skiing through the crux of the Great White Icicle.