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CG’s Holiday Gear Guide

In search of the perfect Holiday gift for friends and family? Look no further than Caroline Gleich’s Holiday Gear Guide! All the best gear that I’ve tested and hand-picked.

These are products from the brands that sponsor me. Having tested their products for years and years, I chose to endorse these brands because I feel they are the best in the industry! I am so hard on my gear, so here are items that I recommend that will last.


The Patagonia Arbor Backpack and Duffel are a great set for travel and adventure. Plus, the unique print means they won’t get lost in the mix. I’ve taken mine all over the world. The fabric is durable to protect electronics and other contents, but the pack is still lightweight enough to fold up and store when it’s not in use.

The Black Hole Duffel is my go-to for keeping my gear organized, whether it’s ski boots and backcountry gear in the trunk of the car for a day of skiing or expedition mountaineering luggage for an international trip. These bags are water-resistant, durable and useful in many ways.

The Nano-Air jacket is one of Patagonia’s latest technical innovations. The fabric is so light and supple, it feels like you’re wearing almost nothing. They are warm and wearable, and can go from expedition to downtown without a worry.

Goal Zero The Goal Zero Flip 20 Recharger is a must for any smartphone user. It’s great for travelers, a long day at work, or for active outdoorspeople. I always carry one in my purse or in my ski pack so I can recharge my cell phone when the battery inevitably runs out. The Light-A-Life Mini Lantern is a must for campers, in tents or otherwise. I use one with a Flip Recharger while sleeping in my car, and it bring a delightful glow into any space. It’s a great stocking stuffer.




For protecting your electronics. I keep my phone in my LifeProof case 24/7. It’s helped my phone survive falls into the backtub and off the side of 100 ft cliffs. Whether it’s moisture, dirt, snow or children, a LifeProof case on your smartphone protects your investment.


  Nordica For the ripping lady in your life, I highly recommend the Nordica Nemesis skis. These skis are my one-quiver wonder when I’m traveling and I have to bring the one ski that can do it all. They rip in powder, they handle the steeps, they are manuevable and perform well at all speeds. I can’t tell you how much I love these skis.   Leki For the hiker, backpacker, trail runner or skier or for anyone who ever gets sore knees, I highly recommend Leki’s trekking and ski poles. These poles are incredibly sturdy and they break down to fit into even the smallest trail running pack when you decide not to use them. They make river crossings or steep downhills so much easier! I use them all the time.

Next up…who doesn’t love Clif Bars! They are the perfect gift for your favorite office staff, and a great way to say thank you to teachers, doctors, or other important people in your life. I always have my pantry well stocked with Clif Bars, and they are another item I almost always carry with me when I’m traveling.

Other gift ideas? Why not make a charitable contribution to a non-profit. I recommend:

Protect Our Winters,

the Arbor Day Foundation

or your local Avalanche Center!

Knitting It Old School

I was so excited to get this in the mail!

Knitting It Old School

When I was in L.A., I had the wonderful opportunity to do a photo shoot for this. Authors Stitchy McYarnPants and Caro Sheridan bring 43 knitting and crochet patterns from the ‘40s, ‘50s, ‘60s and ‘70s up to date utilizing contemporary fibers (because Polyester and Acrylic have had their day) and updated designs to flatter today’s figure. There are cheeky hot pants and his-and-hers sweater sets. Even if you aren’t a knitter, this book is a must have for the photography and fashion alone!

I am so delighted to be a part of this especially as a hat designer, crocheter, and overall DIYer.

Here’s a sneak peak inside:

Lady Speedway Vroom!


Knitting It Old School

To see the rest, order the book on Knitting It Old School.

Follow the authors on their websites:

Stitchy McYarnpants

Caro Sheridan –

This book would make a great birthday present, Christmas present or anytime present (I really love surprise presents for no reason at all – they are almost better than when you are expecting a present).

While I’m on a knitting rant, check out this video made by Salt Lake based video producer Leyda Cordova featuring Warren MacNeil, a talented, male knitter:

Happy knitting everyone!

Happy New Year’s Eve

So much craziness happening right now.  Had my birthday on New Years Eve.


Mostly, I’ve been busy skiing ridiculously deep powder on my new Roxy skis, the Mumbo Jumbos.

DSC_4429 72dpi

Charging around with the polka dot crew



And eating delicious pizza at the Goldminer’s daughter.

Oh and I gave myself a black eye jumping, which is going to look great as I make my Japanese debut on Monday.

Penality Box Patty

I fly into Tokyo and then to Sapporo where I will be for 18 days of deep powder skiing.  Nisko is the resort I’m going to and they are supposed to get as much snow as Alta (600" a year). 

I will be updating with photos so please check back and e-mail me while I’m gone!

Happy Holidays!

The past week and a half has been a whirlwind.

Finished finals last Wednesday, went to Jackson on Saturday, got back Sunday and then Christmas and tons of snow!

In the midst of lots of skiing and present wrapping, I managed to plan a ski trip to Japan for Jan. 12-29.  I will be going to Niseko to work with Sweetgrass Productions for their next ski flick.  Check out their website .

I am ridiculously stoked.  I went to Japan when I was 5 1/2 weeks old.  My parents traveled to Japan extensively as I was growing up and would always bring me back treasures like small dolls, origami paper and kimonos.  My best friend growing up was half-Japanese, and I would spent a few weeks of my summer at a Japanese language camp in northern Minnesota through Concordia Language Villages.  I’ve always felt a deep connection to the language, people and culture.

When I get back from that, I will be hopping on the Elements tour and meeting up with some of my Kavu folks to shred pow and film for their upcoming flick.  Right now, it looks like I will join on for a Yurt tour in the Sawtooths and a few days up in Jackson Hole!  Can’t wait.

Stay tuned for pics and updates from the trips!

Here are some from the holidays:


Iris and I are those people wearing avalanche beacons in the bar.  With the current avy danger, I’ve been wearing mine almost everyday in bounds (and even keeping it on in my car during the drive down the canyon).  Please everyone be careful out there!


Brant Moles bartending at the P-Dog (Alta’s Peruvian Bar).


Cody Barnhill and Iris Noack chilling at the Alta Peruvian bar.


Drew Stern and I after Christmas dinner.


My mom, Scarp dog and my brother Stephen Gleich


My dad getting ready to open his present from me.


Shaking it up–this series is so funny!


Tearing it open


He was pretending to be Tarzan I think…


Here he is looking super fly in his new goggles and helmet.

Great Idea for Christmas Presents

Crochet a hat!

Crocheting is so easy and fun, and your friends and family will love these handmade gifts.  The best way to get started is to go to your local yarn store.  My favorite one in Salt Lake is called Soul Spun Yarn.  My friend, Somer Gardiner, started the shop a few years ago, and it has the best selection of yarn and supplies in the valley.  She also teaches crochet and knitting classes.


There are two classes coming up where you can learn to make gifts that will be done by the 25th.  They are on Dec. 17 from 6:30-8:30 and Dec. 20 from 2-4. 

Call ahead and sign up!

3955 Highland Dr
Salt Lake City, UT 84124
(801) 272-7685

Also, go to the website for more info:

Ever since I started crocheting, I’ve had a really hard time putting my hook and yarn down.  It is really addictive, but unlike video games or Facebook chatting, you actually have something to show for yourself when you are done.  It’s a delightful feeling to be able to look at a hat, sweater vest, or pair of hand warmers and say, I made those.

Here are some of my recent projects:


Here’s my cousin, Mara Gronseth, in the birthday hat I made for her.


Me in my new favorite ski hat that I just made.

The possibilities are endless!  And both guys and girls of all ages will enjoy crocheting or knitting.