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I'm excited to share with you my home workout routine for ACL prevention and recovery. The entire workout is on the @elanskis IGTV, link below or in profile.⁣⁣You can make this workout harder or easier, depending on your needs and you can do it with minimal equipment. ⁣Before I lift, I do a 10 minute warm up on the bike, or you can do a run or walk outside. I do these exercises with 10 or 15 lb weights, but if you don't have weights, you could fill up jugs of water and put them in a backpack, or use rocks or other household items. ⁣⁣1) 10 regular squats to warm up. Make sure to keep your knee tracking over your toe. You don't have to go super deep. ⁣2) 10 single leg squats on a stability disc on each leg. Start by doing them on the ground without any instability. If you don't have a stability disc, you can use a pillow or cushion to challenge yourself. ⁣3) 10 single leg deadlifts on each leg. ⁣4) 10 step ups on each leg. This helps keep my legs strong for bootpacking up couloirs. Use a sturdy chair or stool. ⁣5) 10 back lunges on each leg. I prefer to step back because it feels like less impact on my knees.⁣6) 20x seated kayakers (Russian twists). I do these with 15 lbs of weight. ⁣⁣Repeat 2-3 times a few times per week. ⁣What are your favorite home exercises? ⁣⁣

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