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On Sunday, I made a difficult decision to cancel a ski trip to Canada that was planned for this week. It seemed kind of silly to preemptively cancel on Sunday, but now; I realize I made the right decision. I canceled because I would feel terrible if I unknowingly caused others to get sick.⁣⁣The time to do those silly things is before they are necessary, because that gives us a chance to contain the spread of the virus. I am worried about Coronavirus, because it can cause permanent scar tissue on the lungs on younger people, but I’m especially worried about my 88-year-old dad and how sad I would be if he became ill and there were a shortage of ventilators.⁣⁣Since I canceled on Sunday, the rest of my March and April plans and associated income have taken a big hit as the conferences I was supposed to speak at are all being called off. If there are any schools, universities or conferences who are putting together virtual programming and are interested in doing an interview, I’d love to talk to your students or participants and share some of my decade and a half of expertise in the outdoor industry and as a climate activist.⁣⁣Topics I can speak on include risk management, embracing challenge (a feminine approach to achievement), gender equality, climate change activism, and adventure and activism. We can also show one or more of my short films and do a Q&A. Or I can create a special presentation on the topic of your choice. ⁣⁣This is a weird time in the world right now. It's taken me a few days to adjust my mindset, and there are times I feel overwhelmingly depressed and anxious. Those are understandable reactions. Let's wash our hands, stay home if we’re sick (and advocate for paid sick leave and living wages), prepare (and try not to panic) and find ways to go forward together. Photo: ski touring in British Columbia by @acpictures #coronavirus #covid #fomo

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