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My time in the mountains has taught me how to be strong, aggressive and make my voice heard. I was thrilled to share those lessons with a group of women yesterday to celebrate International Women’s Day. ⁣⁣Together, we reached the summit of Wright Peak, one of the 46 4000ft peaks in the Adirondacks. ⁣⁣Spending the day immersed in nature with a group of strong women was one of the best ways I could imagine celebrating. ⁣⁣Thanks for the good times, Keene Valley! ⁣⁣Photo: my arms are in an equal sign to show that equality is not a women’s issue, it’s a human issue.⁣ Let’s make everyday international women’s day (and celebrate international men’s day too). ⁣@mountaineerbandana @lakeplacidadk @adksusa #perfectdayadk

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