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This March, it's time to rise up together by taking on a challenge to #CrushIt4Climate with @protectourwinters. Next month is stacked for me and I often feel like I'm burning the candle on both ends. So what feels right to me is a daily activity to celebrate this one planet that we need to save. Link in bio to donate to POW and get started. Your donations will be matched dollar-for-dollar.Activism and adventure must be inextricable if we are to dig deep enough to elect climate champions ‪on November 6‬ who will do the hard work with us for the future of the planet. I'm hoping that a few of my daily activities will be epic mountain adventures if everything lines up.Realistically though, some days it might just be :30 minutes of yoga in the hotel or even a 3-minute sprint between gates to catch my flight to D.C. to testify in front of a Congressional climate panel. But even that airport dash with bags swinging wildly behind will fill me with more motivation to dig deeper as an activist.

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