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If you’ve ever seen a sunrise from a snowy ridge top in the Wasatch Mountains, you know we have something special here. My home mountain range delivers. It is home to the best snow and ski-touring terrain in the entire world.⁣⁣Without continually advocating for its protection, there’s a lot to lose. It’s not just access to the fluffy unbelievably light powder that blows up in our faces and delights at every turn. It’s drinking water for millions of people who live downstream. It’s a place to escape the inversion. Access to the outdoors is a basic human right and it’s up to us to defend that.⁣⁣Right now, the risk of development is greater than ever and I’m concerned about the possibility of resort expansion, especially into Grizzly Gulch. I want to see transportation solutions that are accessible and inclusive of different user groups and that preserve the human-powered snowsports experience. ⁣⁣If you love and appreciate the Wasatch backcountry, share your own post today and consider making a donation to the @wasatchbackcountryalliance as the unified voice for human-powered recreation in the Wasatch Mountains.⁣⁣#WasatchBackcountryAppreciationDay #KeepGrizzlyWildPhotos: @rob.lea

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