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There aren’t many people that I want to share a tent with for 40 days and nights. @rob.lea, you’re at the top of my list. Happy Valentine’s Day!⁣⁣I picked this photo for today to show what I love most about our partnership. We love each other when we haven’t brushed our teeth in five days, when our feet are swollen and blistered, when our hair is matted with sweat from being on the move for eighteen hours from the summit of Everest/Chomolungma on our way to advanced base camp. We never stop loving and caring for each other, when we’re at our best or at our worst.⁣⁣It’s not easy to find a man who is handsome, has good personal hygiene (besides that one time you forgot to pack the shared toothbrush, I forgive you), and likes to be adventurous in the outdoors. I love ya, Rob. Let’s keep living every day like its Valentine’s Day.

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