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Home. It’s my haven to catch my breath, restore and renovate. And while my stretches of time at home are short these days, I’m excited to continue working on projects to renew and modernize our house.⁣⁣With every decision we make, we keep the environment in mind to increase our home's energy efficiency and to lower our overall carbon footprint. One of the most recent upgrades we made was installing motorized blinds with @parkcityblindanddesign.⁣In the winter, we can keep our heating bills down (and our spirits up) by letting the sunlight pour into our living room. And, in the summer, our new blinds will make it more comfortable to continue living without air conditioning or a swamp cooler. ⁣⁣In our bedroom, the blackout blinds help ensure a good night’s sleep. We have them programmed with an app to automatically rise when our alarm goes off to help the wake-up process. And we love the sleek, minimal profile of the blinds to preserve our views.⁣⁣I’m really excited about this upgrade, and I can’t wait to continue working on home improvement projects as time and budget allows! We dream of adding solar panels to offset our electrical energy usage. Summer project maybe?

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