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I was up until 2:30 am vomiting, with diarrhea the night before the climate rally. I don’t know what it was – whether it was nerves or something I ate. I tried to remain calm but, truthfully, I was freaking out because I had invested a ton of time and energy into planning the march and rally, and I was worried that I would be too ill to lead.⁣⁣Does anyone else get diarrhea before doing something scary?⁣⁣I remember I had it the night before I climbed and skied Mt. Rainier/Tahoma. Maybe this is all TMI, but it’s the truth.⁣⁣The point is, diarrhea sucks, and I care about doing everything I can to act on climate change a lot. I care about this work more than any mountain I’ve climbed or skied.⁣⁣My partner, @rob.lea, had to run out and grab me some medicine and he fed me electrolyte drink. I finally fell asleep, long after my desired bedtime.⁣⁣I wasn’t sure how it was going to go the next day, but YOU showed up. And somehow, I held it together. Hundreds of us marched through the halls of OR and down the streets of Denver to hear from an amazing line-up of speakers at the Colorado Capitol. YOU showed you care. I’m inspired by everyone who was there, and I know there were others who would have been there if they could.⁣⁣Activism inspires activism – it has a snowball effect. My hope is that everyone will dig deep and continue the momentum from Friday in their city, state and country.⁣⁣I woke up this morning, tired and achy, physically and mentally exhausted. My throat is hoarse and my voice croaks from hours of chanting in the streets.⁣⁣And now that it’s over, I can fall asleep with a feeling of satisfaction knowing that I did everything I could for this rally. I feel at peace knowing that our passion to take action on climate will continue to endure.⁣⁣More to come, but for now, sleep. #climaterally2020 Photos: @ksenia_k_photography#

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