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I’ve been a climate activist since I first learned about global warming in middle school. I gave a speech in high school and urged my fellow students to hold fossil fuel companies and government accountable. I became a climate activist because I care very deeply about people and the planet. And because I want to make my mom proud. ⁣⁣My activism was first inspired by my mom, who works tirelessly as a dermatologist. She goes to work every day to take care of other people and has always encouraged me to dream big. ⁣⁣Seeing her leadership at a young age, I was inspired to serve others in my own way. In elementary school, she helped me write a petition to my religious school to allow girls the option of wearing pants instead of skirts. A few years later, they changed the rules and we were able to wear pants in the winter. ⁣⁣This year, I wanted to continue to push myself and my leadership skills on climate and gender equality. Our climate rally on Friday is one of my greatest challenges to date and I’m so grateful for all the interest so far. I'm hopeful for a big turnout in Denver on 1/31 to support the leadership of the youth and mobilize the outdoor industry on climate activism. I want to dispel the notion that we have to choose the planet over profit. Doing what’s best for the planet is what’s best for profits! And I am excited to pass the mic to an awesome line up of speakers like @go_barefoot, @climateactivist, @jeremyjones, @katieboue, @nonookeiht_bee3eisei, @clare_gallagher_runs, @marlowbaines and @madhvi4ee. RSVP to the March and rally via the link in my profile. I can’t wait to see your lovely faces there!#climaterally2020

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