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The best thing a woman can do is trust her intuition and use her voice. ⁣⁣This was one of the biggest takeaways from my time mentoring @badgal_brooky as we wandered windy Wasatch ridgelines and shared stories on the skintrack. ⁣⁣When women are empowered to speak up in the backcountry, their group is less likely to have an avalanche accident.⁣⁣This lesson extends beyond the mountains – when women lead in government, they enact more progressive climate policies, which also steers society away from disaster. ⁣⁣I encourage all the ladies to keep showing up and speaking up, whether it's in the boardroom or the backcountry. ⁣⁣⁣Photo: @marykmcintyre @patagonia_snow #climbforequality

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