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Today marks 7 months since I had ACL replacement surgery. To my fellow knee injury buddies, I thought I’d share some of what I’ve learned in my recovery so far. ⁣Here are my top twelve:⁣1. It’s ok to have moments of wallowing in self despair. Being depressed because you’re unable to do what you love is completely understandable. It takes time to find the silver lining with injuries. Or maybe you never find it. For those struggling, I see you. You’re not alone. It’s going to be ok.⁣2. Focus on what you can do, not what you can’t.⁣3. Remember all the ways it could be worse.⁣4. If you’ve torn your ACL, find a physical therapist that you love because you’ve going to be spending a lot of time together. Cherish each day of having a personal trainer and have fun with it! Grateful for you @smmurnin!5. Don’t compare yourself to your pre-injury state. Don’t compare yourself to others. Focus on doing the best you can everyday. (still struggle with this, not just with knee stuff)⁣6. Celebrate the little and big successes in your recovery.⁣7. Injuries create space for new growth and opportunities to do things you wouldn’t expect. Enjoy the unexpected. ⁣8. Stay connected to people by taking group fitness classes when you’re ready. Swim if you can’t weight bear (get a pull buoy so you just use your arms, not your legs). Also, follow @theaclclub.⁣9. I found reformer Pilates to be an awesome way to strengthen, stretch and re-learn when I was injured. 10. Try dry needling, kinesio tape and other recovery tools like @ntrecovery legs.⁣11. Try CBD for pain/discomfort and turmeric for swelling. For me, @gaiaherbs hemp products were a life-saver.⁣12. Try to get a little bit of sunshine each day, even if you’re on crutches. For me, the vitamin D is imperative to my mood.⁣⁣I’d love to hear your tips! Share in the comments below! @keen #keenambassador

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