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I moved to Utah with my family when I was 15. My first season, I skied in a rain jacket and sunglasses. I didn’t have goggles. I never had a new pair of skis until a sponsor gave them to me. ⁣⁣I learned how to ski when I was a kiddo, but I never raced or skied competitively growing up. I did take a few lessons and I cherished every one of them. ⁣⁣Snow sports can be incredibly difficult to get in to, especially as an adult. That’s one of the things I really appreciated about our stay at @clubmedalpedhuez. Their packages are a relatively affordable way to go skiing. ⁣⁣It can seem so overwhelming to go for a day of skiing, much less a ski vacation, sometimes I question whether it’s worth it. But at the end of the day, it’s experiences like these that we cherish more than any thing. ⁣⁣Happy mini-moon, @rob.lea. Here’s to our first few months of marriage.

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