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When I was a kid growing up in Minnesota, I used to struggle with overwhelming sadness during the winter months. I remember when I first learned about Seasonal Affective Depression, I felt a wave of relief. I finally had language to describe what I had been feeling. I also learned that skiing was a treatment. ⁣⁣Skiing and mountaineering have become a way of coping with depression. It’s a way of finding light in the darkness of my mind. It’s a way to survive the dark winter months. I thought I’d share this today on the winter solstice. After today, every day will get a little bit brighter. ⁣happy winter solstice to all my friends in the Northern Hemisphere. I’m so grateful to have a space here where I can talk about this stuff. Thanks for your kindness and compassion. ⁣Photo: taking in the sunset from camp 3 at 27,000’ on Everest/Chomolungma, a moment from 2019 that I’ll never forget!

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