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I’ve been extremely fortunate that my skiing and climbing has taken me all over the world, opening my mind and my heart up to new people, places and perspectives I otherwise might not have experienced. It’s what truly makes me come alive. It’s instilled in me a fierce desire to not only protect these places where I play, but this planet that’s home to all of us.It also comes with guilt. Guilt associated with the footprint my travels have that are unfortunately a consequence of doing what I love.It’s no secret we live in an imperfect society and I, as is everyone, am an imperfect human. I am part of the problem. But I am also part of the solution. Which is why, despite this sometimes crippling guilt, I won’t hold myself back from speaking up and driving awareness and action on issues I care about.With that said, I’m excited to share that @protectourwinters has a new carbon offset program. While, again, it’s not perfect, as in our carbon-based society it’s impossible to be, it is progress. And a great option I plan to embrace in my own travels going forward. Because what makes us come alive is exactly what the world needs right now.————Hit the link below or in my bio to learn more about POW’s program. @acpictures

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