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Want to see what it’s like to ski Europe’s longest groomed trail in 2 mins? Check out this time lapse/follow cam! ⁣⁣Today, we went back up to ski the Sarenne run from the top of Pic Blanc. It has a 6500 ft (1980m) vertical drop over 10 miles (16km). ⁣⁣We deviated from the piste at the top to find some powder and take some photos, but then we joined back up. It was a good test for my new ACL, and I’m stoked I was able to ski so long! ⁣⁣Eat, sleep, ski is all we’ve done since we got to @clubmedalpedhuez. ⁣⁣It’s been so much fun to explore a new mountain. The Alps give me life! ⁣Follow cam: @rob.lea

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