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One of the biggest highlights of my 2019 was meeting @mrapinoe, @gloriasteinem and @hollylawrencetri at the the @clifbar HQ.⁣I have always been so inspired Gloria Steinem and the US Women's Soccer team and their fight for equal pay. ⁣⁣When @clifbar and LUNA bar heard that each player on the women's team earned $31,250 less than the men, they were shocked and vowed to do something about it. In February 2019, LUNA Bar gave each of the women named to the 2019 World Cup team the $31,250 difference to make their rooster bonus equal to the men's, totaling $718,750.⁣⁣This holiday season, reward companies who are working towards gender equality. You can learn more by checking out the app Gender Fair. Everyone can play a role in advocating for gender equality.⁣⁣#SomedayIsNow #ClimbForEquality #TriForEquality

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