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Asking my mom to be the officiant at our wedding had significance to me in so many ways. First, it was a celebration of our mother-daughter relationship that has grown with strength through the years! She knows me so well, and her open endorsement of my marriage was an important acknowledgement. Her example of partnership with my dad for more than 40 years is a representation of the power of marriage. ⁣⁣Secondly, it was a tribute to the times that embrace women in positions of power that previously had been deemed only for men. I grew up Catholic. Seeing the restrictions set on women in what they could do or not do sent a strong signal to me as a young person about a woman’s place. ⁣⁣Thirdly, it was so much fun to write the ceremony together! We were creative, imaginative and put together a meaningful ceremony to launch an important transition in my life! We were inspired by many different traditions and incorporated them into the ceremony. It was spiritual with a lot of humor, exactly the tone we wanted to set for our wedding. I am so grateful she took on the extra work of officiating. I couldn’t have imagined anyone else marrying us.⁣ I would highly recommend other people who are looking for an officiant to consider a family member! It is such a fun way to bond! Photo: @erinorthcutt

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