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Stop buying things people don’t want use that money to save the planet by making a donation in their name (thanks for inspiring this caption, @ajabarber).⁣⁣The best gift you can give someone right now is a donation to an environmental non-profit through @patagonia Action Works. Patagonia will match all donations to environmental groups up to $10,000,000 from now until December 31! That’s right. $10 million. ⁣⁣Make a donation in someone’s name. There’s no better time to give. ⁣⁣Go to to donate now and help save the planet. The earth needs you. ⁣⁣A few of my favorite orgs to give to:⁣⁣@healutah, @utahcleanenergy, @protectbearsears, @treeutah, @winterwildlandsalliance, @protectourwinters, @outdooralliance, @outdoorafro and @latinooutdoors. There are so many good ones! Find your local non-profits and get involved. #AnswerWithAction

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