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Thanksgiving reminder: You can love something or someone, disagree with them on an issue and still have a meaningful relationship. Just because you don’t agree on an issue doesn’t mean you have to completely shut someone or something out of your life. You can respectfully disagree, try to understand the other person’s point of view and look for places where your interests and values do overlap. Sometimes, you can find a successful outcome.⁣⁣Of course, sometimes you reach an impasse, and that’s ok too. You can have an unsuccessful negotiation and still be friends.⁣⁣A good example of this is my relationship with @altaskiarea. I love backcountry skiing. I’m on the board of the @wasatchbackcountryalliance to protect that experience for future generations. I also love skiing at Alta, especially with my family. While I don’t agree with their idea about developing Grizzly Gulch, I still have a ton of love and passion for the place and the people who work there.⁣⁣When we come to the table from a place of kindness and understanding, we are more likely to make the kinds of changes we want to see. It’s a good reminder for how to approach interactions with friends and family over the holidays.⁣⁣Caveat: There are also situations or behaviors that become so toxic, the only option is retreat. I’m not advocating for people to stay in those types of harmful situations. Be able to recognize those situations and take care of yourself when you need to. Trust your instincts, and feel free to respectfully disagree with me. I’m here to continue learning and growing. Happy Thanksgiving from my family to yours!⁣⁣Photo: @louisarevalo

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