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To follow up on my previous National Period Day post, I want to continue to destigmatize talking about periods by talking about how high-altitude / international travel affects your period and how products like Always 3-in-1 Liners can help. ⁣⁣When I was climbing Everest/Chomolungma this past spring, I was pretty freaked out when my period lasted nine straight days. Normally, it is only four-five days long. ⁣⁣Luckily, we had a female high-altitude doctor, and when I asked her, she told me that periods go “cray cray” at higher altitudes. I’m so grateful I was able to talk to her about it and she knew what was going on! It put my mind at ease.⁣⁣For situations like these, I love packing @Always_brand 3-in-1 Liners. Whether you are climbing a mountain, backpacking or in a big city, Always Liners provide protection from bladder leaks, irregular periods and discharge so you can climb with confidence.⁣⁣For many years of my life, I felt so ashamed to talk about these issues. I’ve found it liberating to be able to discuss periods openly and honestly. And I don’t want women of any age to feel that shame. ⁣⁣It’s important to have these discussions to normalize conversations about women’s health. Thanks for supporting me in continuing to normalize period discussions! #ad

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