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Putting the Insta back in Instagram today. I love sharing photos in real times. And today- ACL buddies are back in the game! ⁣⁣This morning, I went out for my third day of skiing and my first time to the top of the run. I went with @stasia_art, who also tore her ACL last winter (also left knee). We’re both stronger than ever! My knee felt so good and stable!!! ⁣⁣Before last winter, tearing my ACL was my worst nightmare. Yet despite the injury, I’ve had one of my best years yet! There have been some ups and downs, but the overall trajectory has been overwhelmingly up. ⁣⁣I’m so grateful my sponsors stuck with me. A lot of athlete contracts have clauses that allow the brand to drop athletes if they are unable to perform due to injury. It’s the reality of the profession I’ve chosen. Most of the brands I work with are like family to me (@clifbar even included a pregnancy protection clause in my latest contract!!!) and I’m so grateful they continue to believe in me! Thank you @patagonia_snow, @keen, @clifbar, @fattire, @lekiusa, @julboeyewearna, @gaiaherbs, and @prethelmets.

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