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When someone finishes a big project, try to refrain from asking them “what’s next,” and let them celebrate what they just accomplished. We are going to be celebrating this year until the end of 2020, at least! Of course, we will go on to do more projects, but right now, the only thing on our minds is home and rest.⁣⁣The answer to our “what’s next” is so boring, you will laugh: laundry, food, sleep and maybe shopping for a new light fixture for our kitchen.⁣⁣Asking “what’s next” makes us want to cry. We put everything on the line to make our dream a reality. Our bodies, minds and bank accounts need a moment to recover. “What’s next” makes us feel that what we just did isn’t enough. We already struggle with feelings of inadequacy.⁣⁣Appropriate suitable replacement questions to “what’s next”:⁣⁣How are you going to celebrate? What did you learn? What does recovery look like? What was your favorite part?⁣⁣Thank you for reading my rant on “what’s next.” It’s a question that always gives me anxiety. I would love to hear your thoughts in the comments below.Photo: @taylormboyd

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