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Today marks four months since my ACL reconstruction surgery. I went for a little over 2 mile run/walk on the Appalachia Trail. It may not sound like much, and I’ve certainly hiked further since surgery, but this was the first time I’ve been able to move my legs a little quicker on the trail and gosh darn it, it felt good. ⁣⁣I began this trip by listening to @scottjurek and @jureksontherun audiobook “North,” and it felt so fitting to be able to sample a little taste of the Appalachian Trail myself today, a few weeks later. It was the perfect book to start the trip, and I highly recommend it. I loved hearing Jenny’s perspective on the challenges of crewing Scott. These athletic feats are hard for both athlete and their crew!⁣⁣I’ve learned with injuries and life in general that it’s good to celebrate the benchmarks along the way. I’m so glad to start returning to running and I can’t wait to get skis on my feet in a few more weeks.

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