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Five years ago yesterday, one of my best friends, @liz_daley, was killed in an avalanche. Liz was a mentor and an inspiration to me. She was one of the first women I’d spent time with in the mountains who was a real girly-girl. Meeting her and spending time in the mountains together changed my life. The first day I met her, she had this bubbly confidence that was contagious. I finally felt like I was had permission to be myself, that I no longer had to conform to the norms of masculinity to be a powerful force in the mountains and beyond. ⁣⁣When I got the news of her death, I was in shock. It took some time for it to sink in. In many ways, I’m still processing. I never got to say goodbye. We never got to publish our glacier music video on YouTube. There are so many things I wanted to share with her. ⁣⁣I write this so we can all remember her and keep her spirit alive. Let’s never forget that you can be a girly girl, wear sparkles and be strong, powerful and aggressive! Let’s continue to create a world where people can be the best versions of themselves. Love you to pieces Liz! #livelikeliz ⁣

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