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If nature is a mother, it is in our best interest to elevate the status of women, girls and mothers. We need to listen to women’s voices and support and follow women’s leadership. ⁣⁣There is a growing body of work showing the link between climate deniers and misogynists. Climate skeptics see humans as separate from nature. They believe nature is there for humans to use and exploit. We must recognize the interconnectedness of people and environment and realize we are nature, not above it. Nature isn’t something to conquer and neither are women. ⁣⁣I applaud the leadership of youth activists who have embraced this intersectionality in their climate activism. ⁣⁣To make sure our government hears the demands from the youth activists, text CLIMATE to 71333 to tel Congress that there is no room in government for climate deniers.#climbforequality #actonclimate

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