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What I love about being on a bike is that when you’re riding, it’s the only thing you’re doing. You can’t be scrolling. You have to keep your eyes on the road and do one task only. I love the singular focus of it. ⁣⁣Today was a better day. We stayed at the cutest B and B, Ruby Creek Lodge, in Cusick , WA. It was decorated with ducks and birds and reminded me of my childhood. The owners, two women from Minnesota, were so kind and made us the best huckleberry French toast for breakfast. When we told them about the plan for the day, they offered to drive our car to the next town so I could do a 40 mile ride with @rob.lea instead of the 10-15 mile out and backs rides I’ve been doing so I can get back to the car and drive it to the next spot. ⁣⁣Rob has made it to Idaho and completed almost 500 miles in 6 days with a lot of climbing! I’ve rode almost 200 miles! We loved our trip through Washington but we are excited to cross state lines and enter Idaho. I only have a few more days and I’m already dreading saying goodbye. ⁣⁣#climbforequality #triforequality

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