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The hardest part about crewing on the start of this adventure is worrying about @rob.lea on the road when I’m not with him. I worry that I’ll come around a corner to a scene of a few cars and him splattered across the pavement, or he will go over a guardrail into oblivion. I fear that this part of his Ultimate World Triathlon is the most dangerous. He almost took a bad spill over a guardrail this morning, somehow pulled it together but his ankle hit the guard rail hard. And later, he almost got taken out by a truck with trailer. ⁣⁣What helps me deal with my fear is thinking about when my mom officiated our wedding. She shared a quote that she loves about parenting: ⁣"There are two lasting things we give our children. One is roots and the other is wings."⁣It’s the same with your significant other. I can give him the support, the “roots” each day I’m here with food, water and love and then, I trust him to fly with those wings. #climbforequality #triforequality Photo: a moment of playing tourist today at the Diablo Lake overlook in the North Cascades.

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