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This morning, my husband @rob.lea started his bike ride across America. If I’m honest, there’s a part of me that is jealous that I can’t do the whole ride with him because my knee isn’t in shape yet (I feel like the worst wife for writing that). I was really hoping it would recover sooner, but too much mileage still puts some pain and strain on my kneecap and new ACL. I’m trying to channel that jealous green monster into stoke for him and for myself, that I was able to ride 30 miles today (my longest ride since knee surgery)!⁣⁣I find that when things make me jealous, it’s usually because there’s something missing in my own life and it’s a good idea to check in and see what is missing. I’m still trying to figure out my next big goal or project. And that’s ok to take some time doing to make sure it really speaks to me and I’m not just rushing into it to answer the most dreaded question, “what’s next.” I know it’s human curiosity to ask whats next, but sometimes, I don’t feel it lets us appreciate the goals we’ve achieved. Sometimes I need to a minute to reflect and regroup. And the best projects take years, not months, to come together.⁣⁣Anyway, riding today felt awesome and the best part of the day was meeting the dozen people who came for Rob’s send off in Anacortes at 9 am. It warmed my heart to meet you, and it made us feel so happy and welcome in Washington. It’s wonderful to be able to join Rob for the next 9 days, and I can’t wait to keep telling this story. If you want to track him, we will have a link coming soon! Thanks for your patience. #climbforequality #triforequality⁣⁣Photos:⁣1. Rob at his starting point in Anacortes. ⁣2. Things got wild on a sunset shoot last night with @vertizonphoto. Pro images coming soon!⁣3. Morning send-off at the beach! Thank you from the bottom of my heart for the warm welcome and good bye. ⁣4. Some enjoyable bike paths on the way out of town. ⁣5. Taking a dip in the river while enjoy a @fattire. Great for leg recovery. ⁣

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