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Six months ago, I took this fall and tore my ACL. It happened exactly one day after making a final non refundable payment to climb Everest/Chomolungma. It’s still hard for me to watch. For the first two weeks after the fall, the sequence of events in this video kept playing in my head over and over. I was so scared to talk about it because I feared losing sponsors and opportunities. It kept me up at night. ⁣•⁣But hiding it didn’t help. Writing about it and sharing my story and hearing from you made it less bad. I’ve found that showing what happened has help me overcome the trauma. ⁣•⁣I’ve learned it’s not about how you get knocked down, it’s how you get back up. I was able to rehabilitate my knee and climb Everest without an ACL. @rylo just released a new edit of the short film about my journey with new Everest footage that you can see via the link below or in my profile. I’m finding a huge sense of redemption with this new ending. ⁣•⁣I’m not going to lie and say this has been easy. I had ACL reconstruction surgery four days after getting home from Everest and right now, I’m almost three months out. ⁣•⁣Healing this is just like doing any other big hard task. There are good days and there are not as good days. Emotions and energy ebb and flow. If you don’t like how it’s going, sleep and it will usually feel better in the morning. ⁣•⁣#climbforequality #storiesthatmove⁣•⁣

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