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It takes all the same skills to become an activist as it does to be an adventurer. You have to have grit and resiliency. You have to maintain a positive attitude and never give up, despite setbacks and challenges. ⁣⁣But the motivation for activism is different. Adventures are largely selfish pursuits. Activism comes down to allyship. Are you an ally to people and the planet? Or are you a bystander? It’s as simple as speaking up and doing something when you see something that concerns you. ⁣⁣This topic is near and dear to my heart and I’m so excited to be sharing lessons I’ve learned in a talk at @rokcclimb in Kansas City tomorrow, August 24 at 7pm. Stop by and enjoy a @fattire with me! ⁣⁣Photo: @rob.lea⁣#climbforequality #climbersforclimate

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