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I want to see more coverage of women’s cycling. Despite the gains for women in some areas of society, there is a massive disparity in women’s pay in sports. One sport where there is a particular lack of opportunity and coverage for women is in cycling.⁣⁣The average budget for a UCI men’s World Tour cycling team is $16 million. The average for a women’s team is $200,000. Over half of pro women riders have to work a second job. While bikes exist in my small size, they are difficult to find. A high-end road bike in my size is made in such limited quantities, I have to special order them.⁣⁣Today is the start of the @coloradoclassicpro, the only women’s standalone pro cycling race in the Western hemisphere, and one of the most important women’s races in the world. Want to see more coverage of women’s cycling? Support this race by tuning in to their livestream or signing the “We Ride” pledge via the link below or in my profile:⁣⁣⁣⁣Together, #weride. Photos: @isaacmphoto #climbforequality #triforequality

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