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⁣Action alert! Comments needed now through August 26! Speak up to protect our voice in the management of public lands. Right now, the @u.s.forestservice is considering some devastating changes to how it implements the National Environmental Policy Act or NEPA. The agency is proposing to create loopholes that would fast-track logging, road building, and other development on public lands and eliminate public participation on the vast majority of Forest Service projects.⁣⁣NEPA’s been around since the 1970s to add to the transparency in decisions made by governmental agencies. It gives the public a voice. It requires agencies like the Forest Service to alert the public and evaluate the potential impacts on environment, recreation and more when considering whether to approve a project or make changes in how public lands are managed.⁣⁣Due to budget and staffing cuts, staff turnover and inconsistencies in how NEPA is utilized, the Forest Service is not the most efficient when undertaking a NEPA analysis. Instead of solving these inefficiencies, the agency is proposing to gut NEPA, which would fast-track industrial and extractive development. Now is your time to weigh in so the public isn’t kept in the dark on 98% of Forest Service projects. The Forest Service is accepting public comments on these proposed revisions until August 26. Thank you @winterwildlandsalliance for putting this information together and making it very easy for people to comment.⁣⁣Check out the link below or in my profile to make your voice heard and keep transparency in decisions made about public lands.⁣⁣ @wasatchbackcountryalliance

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