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Soaking in the last few days of summer. Sometimes we do enjoy going to the beach! ⁣⁣This summer has been a little different for me as my goal has been rehabbing my knee, not training for an ultramarathon, ultra bike ride, or progressing as an alpine climber. While there are times I feel tings of jealousy seeing other people accomplish their goals, it’s been nice to have a little break from structured, outdoor training. ⁣⁣With this injury, I’ve been focused on gratitude for everything I do have and maintaining a really positive attitude. I won’t lie, I’ve had to “mute” a few of my friends on Instagram so I don’t feel too much FOMO. Right now, that’s part of taking care of myself. And it doesn’t diminish how much I love those people or appreciate what they do. ⁣⁣This summer has been good reminder that there is beauty in every moment outside, and to soak it all in! @keen #keenambassador ⁣⁣Photo: Scottish sunset vibes captured by @rob.lea ⁣⁣

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