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08.10.19 – we got married! ⁣⁣When a historic landslide covered Little Cottonwood Canyon road on Thursday night, it threatened to shut our wedding down. I realized everything in the last year had prepared me for this. Of course, I had a moment of grieving for the possible loss of 8 months of planning, but I quickly remembered that our wedding wasn't about where we got married. For us, it was about the people and an opportunity to share our love with our large family and friend group. I realized it wouldn't matter if we moved the wedding to the backyard or if some details fell apart. I knew that the adversity would bring us together, and that the universe would still provide for the wedding of my dreams. ⁣⁣With everything else we had going on this year, a fully torn ACL weeks before Everest/Chomolungma, a summit of the highest peak in the world during a short weather window, a major knee surgery, Rob's English Channel crossing and upcoming ride across America, it seemed crazy to add a wedding. But we couldn't wait any longer to marry each other. In the end, the canyon road reopened in time for our friends and family to make it to the summit of Hidden Peak for an unforgettable celebration at 11,000'. It was everything I could have dreamed of and more. I loved every second of the wedding weekend. Smiles and laughs and hugs so big, you never wanted them to end. I will forever relish the outpouring of love, the support of our community and the bonds of our family. I am so happy to gain the most wonderful in-laws and to be part of the Lea family. We're so excited to go forward as Mr and Mrs., husband and wife. ⁣⁣When people ask us what's next, we say marriage will be our greatest adventure yet. It will challenge us, and take grit, resilience and consistent nurturing. I'm confident we are up for the challenge. ⁣ ⁣Photo: My grandma smiling at us through the moon captured by @erin.northcutt #carolineandrob2019

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