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My mom worked full-time when I was growing up, so when she was on work trips, my grandma would come and stay with us. I loved spending time with my grandma. Sometimes my mom joked that her personality skipped a generation and ended up with me. We were cut from the same cloth. We loved crafting, doing projects, repairing jewelry, cooking and we both had green thumbs. One year, I got a strange package from her. She sent me a spider plant baby cut from her main plant in the mail. I planted it, and it grew and blossomed, creating many more spider plant babies that I potted and care for.⁣⁣When my grandmother died, I was devastated. The first thought I had was a huge sadness that she would not get to see me get married. She never got to meet @rob.lea but I know she would have loved him. She always thought I’d end up with someone “tall, dark and handsome.” Even more fitting is that my grandma was also married to a Robert and my Rob shares the same initials with my grandfather – RJL.⁣⁣This spider plant we are holding is what has grown from that first baby plant my Grandma sent me. At home, the spider plant is “Grandma,” and it is my way of keeping the memory of my grandmother alive. At my wedding, we plan to have a few spider plants as a way of bringing my Grandma and to keep the memory of my grandmother alive. I hope this little story helps you think of the memories of your own grandparents, whether they are with us or not. And I am so excited to gain a grandma, grandma Joyce, in marriage! Photo: @thehearnes

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