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I want you to know that you’ve restored my faith in @instagram and the power of the community here. I was nervous to share yesterday’s post and I am so grateful for all the positivity, optimism and hope. To be honest, I've met some of my favorite people here including my fiancé @rob.lea!⁣⁣Here’s the story: My friend @brooke.froelich and I were eating dinner at a restaurant downtown (he was sitting outside at a restaurant next door). There was a beautiful sunset happening, and Brooke and I stepped into the middle of the street to take a picture. A few minutes later, Brooke posted it on her IG and Rob commented, “Just saw you take that picture, look to your 6 o’clock. #creeper”⁣⁣I was horrified because I had been dealing with a scary cyberstalker situation, but Brooke encouraged me to come with her to say hi. That night was a lunar eclipse, and Brooke mentioned to Rob and his friends that I was looking for someone to watch it with. Rob said, “I’m going to a Jazz game.” It was a short, awkward interaction and we parted ways.⁣⁣Later that night, he emailed me to watch the lunar eclipse, but it was too late for me to respond. Plus, I wanted to vet him. I looked him up online and saw we had a mutual friend. I asked her if he was OK, and she said, “yes he’s a really good guy!” Later that week, we went on our first date. And I thought, this could work. I appreciated his honesty about being a creeper! Honesty goes a long way. 4.5 years later, we’re about to get married. ⁣⁣It isn’t easy to meet someone in today’s day in age. I had been searching for my companion for a long time. It’s wonderful when you find your people and you take digital connections into real life. So thank you for giving me that sense of community and that feeling that I’ve found my people. Photo: @thehearnes

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