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I am so incredibly proud of my fiancée, @rob.lea, for envisioning his Ultimate World Tri and finishing the first 2/3 with his swim across the English Channel (next up, ride across America in Sept). When Rob first told me of his dream, I was instantly dismissive and even told him I’d break up with him if he went to Everest/Chomolungma because I didn’t want to be with someone who would take on so much risk (oh how I changed my tune on that one). It took some time for me to accept my role as his supporter and crew with this project. I fought it at first. I’ve come to learn that it can be just as gratifying to support someone in their dream as it is to pursue to your own. It feels good to give back to Rob for all the days he’s come with me for some adventure skiing in the Wasatch, trying to find an obscure line (bushwhacking), or he’s spent an entire day meeting me at every aid station for an ultramarathon, cleaning my feet and bandaging my blisters. Crewing someone brings you closer together. What do you think? How many of you have crewed and how did it feel? ⁣⁣PS. @natgeo just published an article about Rob’s swim! Check out the link below or in my profile to check it out. ⁣ #triforequality #climbforequality #thenbeer #everest2019

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