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We’re not married yet! I just wanted to put on a big, beautiful white dress to shoot our engagement shots with @thehearnes! But this post isn’t about our upcoming wedding. It’s about @rob.lea and his project. Today, we leave for the U.K. for Rob to swim across the English Channel. If he succeeds, he will become the first person to climb Everest and swim the Channel in the same year (the events will be about 50 days apart which is mind-blowing). He’s put on 25 lbs since we returned from Everest so he can stay warm as he swims the 20+ miles across the Channel (official rules don’t allow a swimmer to use a wetsuit). I am so proud of him and I can’t wait to help him with this monumental athletic goal! When we support and encourage one another, we can go far! I’ll be doing my best to keep you updated as we begin the journey. I know Rob would love it if you’d leave a comment of encouragement below, or reach out to him directly! I’ll be able to share messages with a whiteboard while he’s swimming too! #ultimateworldtri #triforequality #climbforequality PS huge thanks to @matt_galland for helping us get in position to take these shots.

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