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Photos from a US satellite showing the impacts of climate change on our environment were declassified last week. The photos of the Himalaya, from 1975 to 2016, show a slow, year-over-year loss of glacial ice. 11.5 billion tons of ice have melted since 1975, doubling their rate of loss after the year 2000. I've seen the impacts of climate change across the West and I saw the impacts of climate change in the Himalaya, on Cho Oyu and Everest/Chomolungma. Instead of skiing the North Col, I opted to downclimb. The route, normally snow-packed, was thinly covered in ice.The magnitude of climate change is hard to fully understand. But looking at these photos and seeing the slow, painful retreat of glaciers from their headwaters is a stark reminder that mountains are the source of water and water is the source of life. We need to protect our mountain environments for this generation and future generations.I work with @patagonia because of their commitment to our environment and their ambitious goals to become carbon neutral. Carbon emissions from big businesses are one of the leading causes of climate change and we need more companies to commit to a carbon neutral business plan so we can ensure a future full of snow-capped mountains. #AnswerWithAction

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