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On May 24, at 7:05 am, @rob.lea and I reached the summit of Everest/Chomolungma at 29,029’/8848m via the northeast ridge route from Tibet. It was a magical and intense experience.The weather this year was tough. There was only a two day window for teams to summit. Our team decided to spend an extra night at camp 2 waiting for the crowds to pass and we climbed with a handful of other small teams on a day where winds were forecasted to increase in the afternoon. There is so much I want to write and say about the experience and about Everest but I am still decompressing and organizing my thoughts and emotions. This mountain has incredible energy. I loved the climbing up high. It brings out the best parts of the human spirit, and reminds you of the fragility of life. It was difficult to keep climbing after hearing about the fatalities on both sides, but I decided to continue climbing to honor and celebrate of the lives of the deceased. My heart goes out to all their friends and families. I am so grateful to everyone on the @alpenglowexpeditions team, our Sherpas and our amazing kitchen staff, and everyone who played a role in helping me get to the top. And to my sponsors who support me in living my dream:@fattire, @keen, @patagonia, @clifbar, @gaiaherbs, @Rylo, @lekiusa, @julboeyewearna, and @movementskis.I’m glad to say our #climbforequality was a success. We are excited to see more women getting to the top!

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