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These are probably not the photos that you want to see, and they are definitely not what I want to show but this is real life right now. On my second day at basecamp (17,000’/5,181m), I came down with some flu like symptoms (headache, cough, sore throat, body aches) and I have spent most of the last two days posted up in my tent while the rest of the team has been exploring the surrounding area. Of course, in moments like these, it’s easy to panic and for the mind to go to a dark place. “I’m such a failure, why does this always happen to me?” But I’m trying to distract myself, not stress and realize I have time to recover. Today, I feel about 20% better than yesterday and I’m hoping tomorrow will be even better. There are few things worse than being sick when you are traveling, it’s even worse when you’re camping. Luckily, I have a heated electric blanket, @rob.lea and the amazing @alpenglowexpeditions team to take care of me. Fingers crossed that I continue to improve! #everest2019

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