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After 42 hours of travel, we made it to Lhasa. Packing was a challenge. The travel was a challenge with a missed connection and an unplanned airport bivy (the airport in Taiyuan we were rerouted through closed for the night, so we spent a few hours outside). I’ve been continuing to practice staying positive when things don’t go as planned. All in all, we’re feeling healthy and good! The long hours of travel cause my knee to swell up, but it’s feeling better after 10 hours of sleep last night. Today, we begin the 3 day drive to base camp. There is nothing easy about climbing Everest. That includes getting there. I’m grateful for the opportunity! Happy earth day everyone and happy birthday to my brother, David Gleich, and @rob.lea’s dad, Jim Lea! #climbforequality @keen #keenambassador

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