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I didn’t know @davidlama_official, @jessroskelley, @hansjoergauer, or personally. But I felt like I knew David Lama from his writing and his photos. I was a huge fan. It’s funny how social media can make you feel like you know people you don’t know. Sharing an intense passion for the mountains binds our hearts together and makes us kindred spirits. .It’s hard to unpack my feelings on a week like this. It reminds me of the week the world lost Liz, Andreas, and Jp and it stirs up a lot of trauma, exacerbated by the fact that I am in the final packing stages for Everest/Chomolungma/Sagarmatha.The truth is there are many ways you can die. I choose to focus on how to live. I will remember our lost friends while I’m on the mountain and try to live as they would: full of curiosity, wonder, and vitality. I’ll see their faces in the moon and hear their whispers in the wind.

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