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I don’t normally share videos taken indoors, but I felt compelled to share this one from my PT session this morning because I am so stoked on the progress I’m making with my knee! It’s been one month since I tore my ACL (the day after making my final deposit for Everest). A lot of the rehab has been about balance and proprioception- learning how to do things without that stabilizing ligament. It’s been a challenge for my legs and my brain! I have to use my muscles in new ways. I’m grateful for the opportunity to work with PT Marlene Hatch at IHC Park City who keeps inventing the most challenging exercises for me. Seriously, this would have been difficult for me when I had an ACL! The other person who has been instrumental to my healing and recovery is @jessamunion at @rocksteadybw. Weekly massages and yoga have helped my tissue bounce back and I feel almost 100%! I plan to have ACL reconstruction surgery the week after I get home from Everest, so it will be back to square one in June. It’s easy to forget how important fundamental strengthening exercises are. I’m honesty excited for the chance to work hard in the gym this summer and come back to even stronger.

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