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A lot of people have asking me how I’ve been training for Everest, and the truth is, I haven’t been doing a lot (besides PT, some easy cardio, and sleeping in the @hypoxico) since I tore my ACL one month ago. But the reality is, you don’t train to climb a mountain like Everest in a few months or even a year. I have been training for this for the past decade, by climbing up many mountains and skiing down. I’m not freaking out about the setback to my training, I’m not worried about the fact that I’m not spending long days in the mountains. I know that I have the fitness base, and that every other mountain I’ve climbed, every long push, every alpine start, is stored in my cells and my body. When it’s go time, I’m confident that I can do what I need to do. I can’t believe it’s only a little over three weeks until we leave to #climbforequality!Photo: skiing at 17,000’ (5,181 m) in the Cordillera Blanca of Peru captured by @rob.lea

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