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One week ago, I took a fall while skiing and felt/heard a gut-wrenching pop in my knee. I got an MRI, and it was confirmed that I tore my ACL. Last Friday, I started physical therapy. After talking to two docs, I’m planning to rehab my knee for the next six weeks and get myself to the top of Everest, then get surgery when I get home. My knee feels stable, my leg feels strong, and my range of motion is returning. When things like this happen, I try not to have a personal pity party. I hate the saying, “It is what it is,” but I’ve been saying it a lot. I don’t want to waste precious healing energy going through the “shoulda woulda coulda”, and reliving the course of events that led to the fall. I want to focus on the future while meditating on everything I am grateful for. I’ve had a good season so far and I plan to take you through some highlights while talking about the reality of my rehab day to day. Sometimes we don’t get to control our story, but we can control our reactions to the obstacles we encounter. I’d love any tips on how to keep a positive mindset through adversity, or to hear your positive knee injury stories! Thanks for all the love and support and for continuing to believe in me.

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